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Earn TLM by Creating Alien Avatars

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A new, Alien Worlds associated project rises on WAX. Dubbed, Alien Avatars, this project lets players collect parts, assemble their Avatars, put them up for minting, and earn TLM tokens everytime someone chooses to mint their Avatar!

Slowly but surely, the player run DAO organizations associated with Alien Worlds seem to be finding their footing. One of the sponsored projects recently released their Avatar creation game. Known as Alien Avatars, this project lets players design their own Avatars from various parts, and them make it available for minting, earning a portion of the sale proceeds!

Though not run by the Alien Worlds team, this project provides an additional use case for Trilum tokens and for Alien Worlds Tool NFTs. Which is great for the Alien Worlds ecosystem! You can visit for both minting and design

a few legendary Alien Avatars already up for minting
a few legendary Alien Avatars already up for minting

How Does Alien Avatars Work?

Alien Avatars is about creating your own, unique Avatar design and then putting it up on the marketplace for others to mint. Players buy Avatar parts packs from Alien Avatars. These packs are paid for in Trilium token (TLM), the currency for Alien Worlds. Pack prices range from 500 TLM for a small pack to 5,000 TLM for an Ultra Rare pack.

Inside these packs are parts, used to make custom Avatars. Once a user has created and named their Avatar template, they can then put it up on the market by paying a fee of 1,000 TLM tokens. The designer of the template earns 25% of the cost every time their Avatar is minted. The rarity of the Avatar template is based on the average rarity of all the parts used.

Avatar minting prices vary based on rarity, and also on how many times they’ve been purchased. Every mint increases the price of the next mint for that Avatar by 10%. If the Avatar goes unminted for a day, the price will slowly, but steadily decrease until the next purchase. Avatar mints aren’t just for everyone though. In order to mint one of these Avatars, you must hold an Alien Worlds NFT Tool of the same rarity in your wallet!

The price for minting a common Avatar starts at 250 TLM. It ramps up quickly to 1,000 TLM for a rare Avatar, and runs all the way up to 6,250 TLM tokens for a mythical rarity Avatar.

You can get started by purchasing Alien Avatars part packs at

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