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Play to Earn Games to Watch in June

With summer vacation arriving, many players are looking for new games to play. And it has now gotten to the point that web3 gaming can completely fill those long summer days! Let’s take a look at a few games to watch in June that may also offer play and earn opportunities!

New seasons, game updates, and mobile gaming and the hot items this month. Mojo Melee kicks off their first beta season, Illuvium Zero opens up a new season with the potential to mint NFTs, Star Atlas updates their Showroom, Mobox goes cross-chain, and mobile, web3 gaming is getting hotter by the day!

Mojo Melee

The Mojo Melee open beta started a bit later than I had expected, so we’re bringing it back as a game to watch in June. This beta not only opens up play to earn opportunities, but it will also serve as a showcase to see if Mojo Melee can attract and hold the interest of a large enough playerbase. Though the game is fun, and runs well, the number of options for building your team is currently pretty limited.

They also have a number of issues that affect progression, which you would think they would have taken care of before the season start. But I guess this is officially season zero, not season one, so we can count this as still being in testing mode.

But anyway, the Mojo Melee beta is free and open to everyone! You can get started here.

Mojo Melee Beta Season 0 runs through the month of June
Beta Season 0 runs through the month of June


Illuvium recently started a new season of their own in Illuvium Zero, their base-building, resource harvesting, blueprint manufacturing, land-based game. After a couple of rounds of testing, Illuvium is ready to turn on the NFT feature. This allows base owners to mint Blueprint NFTs from the game. Provided they have the proper buildings of course. These Blueprints will create items that feed into the larger, Illuvium Overworld at some point in the future.

And speaking of Illuvium Overworld, a new beta for this game was also released recently, offering new zones and a larger world to explore.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is another game that continues to build out their ecosystem. They just released the latest version of their showroom, allowing players to see and fly around in their owned ships. Players can also take and post screenshots, and engage in racing games.

On top of that, Escape Velocity, their scanning and resource gathering mini-game, has been holding special events where loot odds are increased. At the time of this article, they are currently in the midst of an event that offers a 150x increase in the odds of finding platinum level loot. This loot is extremely rare, even with the odds increase, but it includes rewards worth many thousands of dollars! This mini-game is browser based and free to play (with a completely refundable deposit of ATLAS tokens). You can participate here.

Mobile Games

Web3 gaming continues to push into the mobile market. Many games are building from the ground up with mobile gamers in mind, while other, existing games, such as Gods Unchained, work to build mobile versions.

Gala Games took a different route, opting to straight up purchase a mobile games company and start finding ways to bring web3 into their existing games, The first of these integrations has already happened as Gala added NFTs to both Dragon Strike and Meow Match.

Meanwhile, one of the already live web3, mobile games, Benji Bananas, continues to hold a spot in the top 10 web3 games (in regards to active players).

Mobile, web3 gaming is just getting started. This will be an area to keep an eye for the foreseeable future.

Dragon Strike NFT
Dragon Strike NFT


Mobox continues to expand, going cross-chain with the addition of MoDragons, a dragon breeding and collection game running on the Arbitrum chain. These NFTs are already proving to be extremely popular. And eventually, Mobox plans to have all of their projects on different chains connected via the MomoVerse.

Cross-chain implementation is a talking point for a lot of web3 games. But only a few have actually done anything with it. So with the concept of cross-chain interactions still relatively new in web3 gaming, Mobox has a chance to seize the day, so to speak.

Mobox Modragon banner

There is always more happening in web3 gaming. So stay with us for the latest news and updates!

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