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Play and Earn in Illuvium Zero Alpha Season 1

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Illuvium Zero moves into Season One of their Alpha test, opening up the first play and earn opportunities for players in Illuvium. Players can find Illuvial Biodata, discover blueprints from that data, and mint those blueprints for future use in Illuvium Overworld!

This new update for Illuvium Zero officially brings us to Alpha 2.0, and Season One of the gameplay. This season is special because it’s the first to allow players to find and mint blueprints!

All previous game data has been wiped, so all players will have to start their base building from scratch.

To get to the point where they can mint blueprints, players will need to build and grow their base. They will need a Singularity Scanner to track down Illuvial biodata, a Data Bank to store their finds, and a Materials Lab to try and manufacture the blueprints. These are all advanced buildings and will require players to spend some time playing the game.

constructing buildings in Illuvium Zero
constructing buildings in Illuvium Zero

There will be a minting window opened towards the end of Season One, allowing players to mint up to 15 blueprints per land plot. These Blueprints will be used at a later point to craft items for use in Illuvium Overworld.

Illuvium Zero is still only open to land owners. Players can purchase land plots on the IlluviDex, with the current floor being just over $500 USD.


Illuvium Zero Gameplay

Illuvium Zero is a game about base building, resource extraction, and blueprint creation. Players choose between producing Fuel (which will be used to power players in Illuvium Overworld), resources to expand and craft with, or blueprints, used for creating NFT skins for Overworld and Arena.

There are three types of Elements and three types of Fuel resources. Plots have varying numbers of resources sites based on their rarity. Some plots also have Landmarks, which affect production of the associated Elements or Fuel. And while owning a plot focused on one type of resource production may be an advantage in some ways, owning different types of Sites can help with converting resources. Players use Elements and Fuel for item production, building upgrades and research. Research opens opportunities to create blueprint NFTs. Blueprint NFTs will be used to create skins for the other Illuvium games.

Illuvium Zero provides many strategic options and decisions for the players. Everything from placement of buildings (some work better together, others don’t) to resource management to working the markets to researching Illuvials for blueprints is an important decision point.

Illuvium Zero will offer a free to play option at launch. But players without land can never extract any tokens or NFTs from the game. They also say that land can be managed with just a few minutes a day. But I imagine that those who spend more time micro-managing will see much better results.

To learn more about Illuvium Zero, visit the official site at

Illuvium Zero screenshot
Illuvium Zero screenshot
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