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Mojo Melee Releases Summer Roadmap

This seems to be the week of roadmaps. Mojo Melee is the latest to join the trend with a rather detailed roadmap outlining their plans for the next three months, which include the official launch of season one!

Mojo Melee is currently in open beta, and just recently completed their special Chest mint as a reward to their players / testers. Now they’re ready to begin the launch of their seasonal content and have given us a roadmap for their plans over the next three months!

What’s in the Roadmap?

Unlike some other roadmaps, the one released by Mojo Melee includes a timeline! It all starts in June, when Mojo Melee plans to release Season 0 of their game. This season will last for 30 days and includes some new features such as the Premium Battle Pass (available when your NFT collection score is high enough), and a mobile version of the game. This will be a test of the full version of the game.

And after that, in July, we will have the official launch of season one! Season one will bring a new Champion to the game and two new Spellstones! We’ll also see skins for the Champions, and the ability to claim 3D, collectible versions of Champions that you own! Season one will include leaderboard rewards at the end as well. The live game still won’t be available on mobile at this point, but the mobile version should be in open beta testing. Players should also be able to claim their digital collectible Champions, and see them in battle.

Season one lasts for one month, followed immediately by Season Two in August. With the second season comes a new Premium Battlepass, and another new Champion and two Spellstones as well. Players will also be able to see their 3D Mojos in-game, including any customizations added. There will also be new arenas, a spectator mode, and, of course, end of season prizes!

The game is free to play and runs in a browser. You can read the official blog post for more details about what to expect this Summer from Mojo Melee!

a 3D Mojo
a customized 3D Mojo

How to Play Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee, is a fantasy themed, auto-battler, running on the Polygon blockchain. Players build teams consisting of 1 Mojo unit, 4 Champion units, and 2 SpellStones and fight for dominance in the arena!

Each team can bring up to two SpellStones to a match. Every Spellstone has a special ability. Spellstones fall into three groups — Attachments, which are put with a unit to provide it with the Spellstone’s ability, Offensive Spellstones which are placed on the opponents side and affect enemy units in their range, and Team Spellstones, which provide team bonuses.

Mojos have access to different Spellstones based on their subclass. Mojos are automatically deployed at the start of the battle and can be upgraded during a match like the other units. Players receive ten gold at the start of every round. Any gold not spent carries over to the next round. During the preparation phase, players use their gold to place units and Spellstones onto the battlefield. Players can upgrade units and Spellstones by purchasing additional copies and placing them on the same tile. Players can upgrade each unit and spellstone as many as three times.

Once both players are done preparing, the game enters auto-battle mode and the teams fight it out until only one is left or time runs out. Each unit type has a number of different stats including health, armor, attack damage, and even targeting priority. These all factor into the team’s behavior and results during a match.

Units have special abilities that can trigger when they gain enough Energy. Some Champions even start the match with full Energy! Spellstones activate once at the start of a round and immediately provide their buff or effect.

To learn more about Mojo Melee, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

Mojo Melee banner
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