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Worlds Beyond Alpha Games Launch June 7th

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Worlds Beyond prepares to have their first alpha launch, showcasing two multiplayer games, Last Stand and Fun Runners, bringing the first play and earn opportunity to their virtual worlds ecosystem!

The alpha playtest for Worlds Beyond launches on June 7th. These games will be open to everyone and available for download via the Worlds Beyond launcher at Players can even earn Infinity Credits by participating! These Credits can be redeemed for Loot Chests, Mining Keys for WBITS, NFTs, and more!

Last Stand is a battle royal game, while Fun Runners is a racing, Fall Guys style game. Both of these games were created with the same sort of tools that will be provided to landowners to create their own experiences. Though it should be noted that this is a very early release. And since creating templates and tools for others to build out their world experiences is the core focus of Worlds Beyond, there will certainly be a lot more options in the future!

It’s unclear if these games will be a permanent feature or if this is a limited time event. The team plans to hold a Twitter Space session on June 8th at 10am CST. Perhaps they will provide more details about their future plans then!

In addition, the Worlds Beyond land staking program should go live soon as well. This will allow land owners to earn passive income for holding onto their plots. The land deeds are still unrevealed and can be picked up on Open Sea (current floor of 0.1 ETH)

What is Worlds Beyond?

Described (by themselves) as a web3 version of Roblox for adults, Worlds Beyond is an ecosystem of community built, virtual worlds and games.

Worlds Beyond follows much of the standard plans for virtual world systems – world customization, developer tools support, game launcher, etc. But, Worlds Beyond is also leaning heavily into the AI trend, utilizing AI to help build out tools such as terrain generation. As part of that, they are working on developing an AI-assisted, text to 3D model system. This will let creators describe what sort of things they want to create, and let the AI do the tedious work of putting it all together.

They will also offer an NFT minting feature in the form of Blueprints. There will be two types — Environmental Blueprints and Logic blueprints. Environmental Blueprints include terrain, buildings, and other game assets. Logic Blueprints contain all the same information as Environmental Blueprints, but they also save all of the game rules and logic for the world as well.

Builders take snapshots of their world and games to create these Blueprints. They can then be sold, traded, or even rented to to other creators! Anyone can use these Blueprints to instantly create a copy of the world or game contained inside, and then make whatever changes they want. This will be a great feature opportunity for professional builders!

Worlds Beyond plans to have their mainnet launch on the Sui Network.

To learn more about Worlds Beyond, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Worlds Beyond
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