Gala Games Acquires Ember Entertainment

Gala Games Buys Mobile Game Company and Other Updates

Popular gaming platform, Gala Games, has recently announced that it has acquired a mobile game company, Ember Entertainment. The announcement came in via the company’s CEO, Eric Schiermeyer, popularly known as Benefactor, who explained that the recent acquisition is a “massive leap forward in terms of being able to test and explore various games and tactics in the space.” 

As such, the latest development will pave the way for a new era of gaming, especially from Gala Games. This is a frontier for Web3 gaming and will also give room for more mobile sales strategies. With these strategies, Gala Games can set a record via its blockchain – GYRI.

Gala Games GYRI Blockchain

The platform has recorded significant progress, one evidence of which is this acquisition. Releasing a tweet to affirm this, Gala Games stated that the games of Ember Entertainment would be integrated with the Gala blockchain and use the $GALA token as gas.

Gala Games also crossed a new milestone, announcing that $GALA will become a token that powers their game Town Star, enabling users to swap $TOWN for $GALA.

This development means Gala Games got 15 new games to convert to their blockchain, as revealed on Gala Games Twitter. Also, the company plans to launch assets on its blockchain, GYRI, and users with non-transferable assets will get replacements. This will ensure that new users jump on the train, making 2023 a very promising year for Gala games users and traders.

Gala Games’ New Acquisition

As announced, Gala Games’ new acquisition is a notable mobile game development company – Ember Entertainment. Ember Entertainment has always been an important partner of Gala Games, as the former has been very helpful in the development of one of their games, The Walking Dead Empires.

Walking Dead Empires banner

After this acquisition, Gala stated that the games in the new acquisition have different items, each coming in unique types. However, the company plans to integrate all of Ember Entertainment’s portfolio into its functional blockchain network, GYRI. Gala Games is likely to enter the spotlight as the most used blockchain.

Currently, the company is focusing on two games, Dragon Strike and Meow Match. Interestingly, all cats owned by users on Meow Match (available on Android and iOS) previously will now become digital assets on Gala’s blockchain following this acquisition. Also, Dragon Strike (available on Android and iOS) users will get at least one scroll of minting for every $100 spent, enabling them to acquire more assets on Gala’s blockchain. Additionally, there will be play-to-earn weekly tournaments on the Dragon Strike game.

Meow Match Gameplay
Meow Match Gameplay
Dragon Strike Gameplay
Dragon Strike Gameplay

With this, Gala Games is taking its mobile strategy to the next level. Notably, the main idea behind this development is digital ownership. As a result, players will fully control every aspect of their gaming experiences. They will have full autonomy from in-game assets like $GALA to marketplace items.

Also, there will be a provision for players when they start burning their $GALA for gas. Starting next week, analyses will be run on gas burning, and results will be shared. Also, the liquidity of the Gala will be tested by users consuming gas.

“Given the scale of the mobile space and at the current price of the token with 53 games using $GALA for gas, anywhere from 6-35% of the total supply could be burned per year. Of course, the underlying token economics will change with usage at that scale and likely result in less percentage of total supply being burnt. But from the outset, it appears that mobile + gyri = goodness.”

Eric Schiermeyer (aka Benefactor), CEO of Gala Games.

Additionally, Gala Games will utilize the usual mobile game strategies to improve players’ experiences. However, a “crypto twist” will be introduced to complement the mobile game strategies. This way, players can enjoy improved gameplay and games within healthy and stable ecosystems.

What is Gala Games?

Gala Games is a blockchain gaming platform that was established alongside many other Web3 applications. It is a revolutionary P2E gaming platform; the big difference here is that users enjoy playing. Many other P2E gaming platforms have boring gameplay, and players only play for the rewards.

The platform has a healthy partnership structure, with celebrities like Dwayne Johnson heavily associated with it. In addition, the decentralized node system allows users to control the game, and users count have already crossed 1.3 million.

Currently, Gala Games users can play three games, with over 26,000 NFTs sold. Other games are still developing, and players expect them to release gradually over the next eleven months.

Gala Games has been on a rollercoaster for the first few days of this year, considering the number of achievements the company announced. Recently, a GoGalaMusic artist was nominated for a Grammy award.

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