Mist Pre-Alpha Phase 2 Opens November 30th

Mist pre-alpha banner

It feels like we’ve been waiting a while for this one, but Mist finally prepares to open the next phase of their pre-alpha. Open only to those with Tier 3+ items or a big stash of MIST tokens, this game looks to have taken a huge leap forward since their last preview back in the Spring of 2022!

The graphic leaks have looked great! And many players have been waiting to get their hands on the next phase of the Mist alpha. Unfortunately for most of them, they’ll have to wait a while longer. Because while Mist has announced that their pre-alpha phase 2 opens on November 30th, only players with a significant investment in the game, either with NFTs or tokens, will have access.

To access the Mist pre-alpha phase 2, players need to either own a Tier 3+ NFT, or 100k+ MIST tokens. If you don’t have one of these in your possession, getting there won’t be a cheap venture. There are only a few Tier 3+ items even available on the Mist marketplace, and the lowest is priced at over $1000! On the other hand, picking up 100,000 MIST tokens will cost closer to $1500!

And to be fair, it is only a pre-alpha stage, so this seems like a reasonable way to both reward their early investors and fans while also keeping the playerbase limited.

If you will play the alpha, the Mist team suggests getting hold of some testnet BNB tokens before the alpha opens. You can do that on the official Binance Chain faucet. And since Mist hasn’t provided any new specifics about accessing the alpha, I would assume that their guide from earlier this year is still relevant. Also not officially announced, but it seems like they will have clients available for both PC and Mac systems.

This alpha brings many new features to the game. Including token rewards (though only test tokens), quests, mounts, updated environments and spells! Sounds like fun!

quest preview in Mist
quest preview in Mist

What is Mist?

Mist is a fantasy, action, MMORPG game currently in development on the Binance Chain. Built on Unity, Mist features an open world with eight races, eight character classes, quests, raids, and PvP.

Combat in Mist is action packed, with moving, dodging, and jumping all key elements to success.

The game has its own token, MIST. This is the main currency for the game, and used for most in-game activities. Players earn MIST tokens by completing quests, selling items, farming, and staking.

In-game equipment can be minted as NFTs, and freely bought, sold, and traded by the players. Players can also upgrade NFTs by using multiple copies and MIST tokens. The copies are burned and the player receives a new, upgraded NFT. All game NFTs will be tradable in-game at various auction houses. Players can also transfer them out of game for trade on third party sites.

Mist will be free to play. Players without a Character NFT can play an Adventurer class, who is sort of a jack-of-all-trades, master of none type of character. All characters also have spells they can use if they don’t possess a weapon.

Mist pre-alpha screenshot
Mist pre-alpha screenshot
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