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R-Planet RDAO Rewards and Open Alpha

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As the first round of the alpha for R-Planet Conquest winds down, R-Planet already plans for their open alpha phase. An with an upcoming Starter Pack sale, the R-Planet team also revealed how they plan to distribute the income from sales back to stakers of RDAO tokens.

Not long ago, R-Planet introduced passive AETH earnings for those staking RDAO tokens on their site. They’ve promised additional rewards for holders of their RDAO token, and in a recent post, outlined some details for those plans.

Any income that R-Planet receives from sales or other activities in AETH or WAX tokens will be partially distributed to RDAO stakers. AETH revenue splits 50/50. Half goes back to stakers, while the other half is burned. Coupled with the recent end of new AETH generation, this token has become deflationary.

Of the WAX income, 75% of that goes back to stakers, while the remaining 25% is used for purchasing and burning RDAO tokens, making RDAO a deflationary token as well!

In an era of web3 gaming where most games are still distributing mass amounts of their tokens, it’s unusual to see one with shrinking token supplies! This system should provide a steady, long-term, value boost for both tokens.

The resource tokens, Caponium, Enefterium, Waxon, and Wecanite, are considered one-time tokens. They will be used for additional robot crafting in the future. Any of these tokens received from those sales will be burned. Going forward, these minerals will only exist in-game.

R-Planet Starter Box Sale banner
R-Planet Starter Box Sale

R-Planet: Conquest Alpha

The first round of the closed alpha for R-Planet: Conquest nears an end. As of a recent report, less than 150 players remain. Once that number reduces to 100, the game ends, and the survivors receive their rewards. Soon after that, the open alpha server will open.

And, in preparation for the open alpha, R-Planet is selling Starter Packs. The Starter pack sale begins on November 17th and is limited to 6,000 mints total.

Each pack contains 20 Resource NFTs, five for each of the four mineral types, five NFTs that allow the instant completion of a building or upgrade, three, 24-hour Protection Dome assets and 2 Additional Foundation assets.

R-Planet also plans to hold another land sale in the near future.

The basic gameplay loop is pretty standard. Players mine for resources, construct buildings, upgrade their Nexus, research new technologies, build units, and conquer other bases. Attacks on other players can be focused on raiding and stealing resources, or it can be focused on destruction. Each round runs until only 100 players are left standing, with rewards for the remaining players and those on the top of the leadeboards.

Units in R-Planet: Conquest come in seven types. Robots, slow combat units, Drones, fast combat units, Spies, Rams (for breaking the shield on enemy bases), Artillery for destroying their buildings, Hacker for capturing bases, and Settlers for taking control of bases.

Conquest includes four mineral resources, Waxon, Caponium, Enefterium, and Wecanite. Wecanite functions as robot fuel, while the other three are construction materials. Players can build a Terraformator and attach their Land NFTs to their base for mining bonuses. Players can also import packs of robots via the web interface. Burn these NFTs in-game to receive reinforcements.

R-planet conquest map view
Conquest map view
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