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Cool Cats FC Mint on November 17th

Cool Cats X OneFootball X Animoca Brands launch 'Cool Cats FC'

The Cool Cats Group, Animoca Brands and OneFootball Labs partnered up and are launching Cool Cats FC. Cool Cats FC is a collection of 4,000 NFTs on Ethereum and the NFT Mint will happen on November 17th.

NFT collectors will have this unique opportunity to mint one of the 4,000 Cool Cats FC. Out of these 4,000, 125 NFTs are related to each of the 32 countries involved.

Minting will happen in two different phases:

  • Allowlist Mint of 1,900 NFTs for 0.069 $ETH – 05:00 PM (EST) on November 17th – 19th
  • Public Mint of 1,600 NFTs for 0.1 $ETH – 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (EST) on November 19th

The team will keep 500 Cool Cats FC NFTs for community events and team drops. ‘Allowlist’ will be for cats or pet holders and there will be a snapshot.

Cool Cats and Cool Pets allowlist holders can mint up to 2 NFTs on a first-come-first-serve basis and winners of pre-mint giveaways are guaranteed to mint 1 NFT.

Holding a “Cool Cat FC” will provide a lot of perks and benefits like:

  • Access to the Cool Cats and OneFootball community
  • Merchandise
  • Experiences
  • Digital collectibles

The NFTs will be dynamic and will evolve based on the team it represents. Let’s imagine that one of the participants mints ‘Cool Cat FC’ and his NFT is on the Argentina team. The more Argentina progresses in the Football World Cup in real life, the rarer the NFT will become and the more perks holders will get. Each minter will get a random team and this will incentivize trading on the secondary market.

This project aims to merge football fans with the web3 communities and contribute towards crypto adoption. All of this while celebrating one of the most iconic events in real life, the Football World Cup.

How to Mint a ‘Cool Cat FC’

  1. Head to Cool Cats Official Website
  2. Connect your Metamask Wallet
  3. Transfer the right amount of $ETH plus some extra to your Metamask Wallet to pay for gas fees
  4. Click on ‘Mint’ and sign the transaction

About the ‘Cool Cats’

The original collection, the ‘Cool Cats’ are a collection of 9,999 randomly generated NFTs on Ethereum. Each cat has different traits like body, hat and face.

Cool Cat being sold at  the floor price of 1.74 $ETH
Cool Cat being sold at the floor price of 1.74 $ETH

Holding one of these comes with certain benefits. The team distributes 20% of all $ETH raised to the community through contests and raffles. Besides that, holders can also influence the future of the project by voting on important matters. Holders can also use their Cool Cats on Cooltopia, a gamified ecosystem where players can earn $MILK by playing.

The team also launched the Pets, in Q1 of 2022, in a collection of 19,999 NFTs. Out of these, 9,999 NFT Pets were airdropped to the OGs who owned a Cool Cat NFT. The other 10,000 were made available through public mint. Holders can also use their Pets in Cooltopia, the gamified ecosystem.

Right now there are rumors of breeding and of Generation 2 Cool Cats.