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R-Planet: Conquest Open Alpha

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As the closed alpha for R-Planet: Conquest continues to approach an end, the R-Planet team reveals some of their plans for closed alpha, including limitations on importing robots from NFT packs, and the additions of Heroes and Alliances.

R-Planet has learned a few things from the closed alpha of their Conquest game. And they want to use those learnings to make a couple of adjustments to the upcoming closed alpha.

First off, open alpha adds a limit to how quickly players can import external robot packs into the game. This helps to prevent players from simply buying their way to victory. Importing of robot NFTs will be gated by the players’ Nexus. At level 1, players can only import one pack of 50 robots per day. This increases at level 5,10, 15, and 20, with a level 20 Nexus allowing two robot pack imports per day, with no limit on the number of robots involved in the process.

Also, in the open alpha, players can only control a maximum of 10 bases. After that, they will not be able to capture any more.

New leaderboards will show the top players in several different categories. And an integrated messaging system will allow players to communicate with each other in-game.

resources in R-Planet Conquest
resources in R-Planet Conquest

R-Planet Open Alpha

Open alpha features a 100×100 map, with a maximum of 3,000 players. Everyone battles it out until only 100 players remain. New players will still be able to join and claim a base after the game starts, as long as there are still some of the starting base slots left. Each starter plot comes with two mines each for Caponium, Waxon, Enefterium, and three mines for Wecanite.

Open alpha also includes Heroes and Alliances, but their features will be slowly added as alpha progresses. Heroes can function as military units, but they can also go on adventures, earning experience and finding items along the way. They also have the potential to tame Masics, massive beasts that can help defend bases. In addition, Heroes can be attached to a base, where they provide some sort of utility such as a bonus to mining speed or a bump in army defense.

Alliances will also make an appearance in the open alpha. Anyone can make an Alliance in Conquest. Players can see when someone from their alliance is under attack, and send reinforcements to help. Alliances will also have their own in-game chat.

Open Alpha is scheduled to open in January of 2023. If you’re interested in playing, don’t forget that R-Planet is selling starter packs to help Conquest players get a head start on the game. The final 100 players of open alpha will receive a unique, Hero NFT.

For those who can’t wait that long or just want to get in some practice, R-Planet recently opened a Conquest Playground server, allowing players to try out the game. You can download the app at

R-planet conquest map view
conquer the world in R-Planet: Conquest

What is R-Planet: Conquest?

R-Planet: Conquest is multiplayer, PvP, base building game. The basic gameplay loop is pretty standard. Players mine for resources, construct buildings, upgrade their Nexus, research new technologies, build units, and conquer other bases. Attacks on other players can focus on raiding and stealing resources, or simply damaging your opponent’s base. Each round runs until only 100 players are left standing, with rewards for the remaining players.

Units in R-Planet: Conquest come in seven types. Robots, slow combat units, Drones, fast combat units, Spies, Rams (for breaking the shield on enemy bases), Artillery for destroying their buildings, Hacker for capturing bases, and Settlers for taking control of bases.

Conquest includes four mineral resources, Waxon, Caponium, Enefterium, and Wecanite. Wecanite functions as robot fuel, while the other three are construction materials. Players can build a Terraformator and attach their Land NFTs to their base for mining bonuses. Players can also import packs of robots via the web interface. Burn these NFTs in-game to receive reinforcements.

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