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R-Planet AETH Production Comes to an End

R-Planet burn banner

It’s the end of an era for gaming on the WAX blockchain. R-Planet, one of the oldest play-to-earn games on WAX, has reached the end of the production of its AETH token. But it is not the end of R-Planet, nor even the end of the AETH token. The next phase of the game is already in alpha playtesting and the team has continued plans for Aether.

With their launch nearly two years ago, both R-Planet and Alien Worlds were the leaders of the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem on WAX. And much like mining in Alien Worlds, putting NFTs into R-Planet’s staking system and generating AETH tokens was almost a right of passage for new gamers coming to WAX. With Elements, Rigs, and the Alchemy crafting system, players gathered Aether. The staking system used R-Planet NFTs, but also NFTs from other collections on WAX, as voted on by the players.

At one point, AETH tokens were even worth enough that some players could pay their bills with money from R-Planet. But those days are long past, and the usefulness and value of AETH have declined greatly.

But some of that may change now that the generation of new AETH tokens has come to an end. And though the only use for the tokens is still the Element crafting system, that will change. Soon, R-Planet will begin selling packs of robots for their Conquest game. These packs will feature various types of game units, and will only be available for AETH tokens.

R-Planet also plans to introduce additional perks such as extra in-game workers or a bonus to mineral production. These perks will also be available for purchase with Aether tokens.

So what about all of those other R-Planet NFTs? The Elements and Rigs? Well, starting on October 11th, players will have access to a new, burn option in the staking hub. Each R-Planet Rig or Element NFT can be burnt. In return, the player receives three months worth of AETH production from that NFT.

Players who are staking RDAO tokens will receive a payout of AETH tokens that were collected from the first robot NFT sales. In addition, once R-planet begins selling other NFT assets for Conquest, funds from those sales will also be distributed to those staking RDAO.

R-Planet: Conquest

The next phase of R-Planet brings us to their Conquest game, currently in the first round of alpha testing. Similar to League of Kingdoms and Clash of Clans, players establish a base, build mines, construct buildings, and attempt to be one of the last players standing. Players construct troops of robots in-game, though they can also import units from NFT packs as well. Finding the right balance between infrastructure improvements, bolstering defenses, and raiding your neighbors is an important part of the strategy for R-Planet Conquest.

a base in R-Planet Conquest

The game is currently in an invite-only alpha test, which should continue for the next month or two. Keep an eye on their Twitter and Discord channels for opportunities to get into the next round of testing. The top 100 players from the alpha test receive a special Hero NFT.

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