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The Future of RDAO Tokens in R-Planet

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After distributing 900K WAX and thousands of RDAO tokens, the first phase of R-Planet’s Metafarming feature comes to an end. And though RDAO tokens have no use at the moment, the R-Planet team promises that will change soon.

The first phase of the R-Planet metafarming project saw players staking tokens into liquidity pools, and purchasing RDAO tokens through an auction system. But now that phase is done, and the current R-Planet metafarming has come to an end. But don’t sell your RDAO tokens just yet! The team promises that RDAO and Aether (AETH) will have future use cases.

Future Earnings for RDAO Holders

First up for RDAO token holders will be a distribution of BOX tokens from the DeFiBox site. Apparently, R-Planet earned a number of these tokens through the liquidity pools, and will be collecting and distributing them to RDAO holders as part of the alpha launch for the upcoming R-Planet: Conquest game.

This will be a new, separate staking pool. So RDAO stakers will need to unstake from the old WAX rewards pool and restake to the new BOX pool once it is live. The staking pool to acquire BOX tokens is expected to open in September, a few days after the alpha launch of Conquest.

And speaking of Conquest, we have an official alpha date! September 22nd is the current date for the R-Planet: Conquest closed alpha. One thousand alpha passes were distributed and participants have a chance to win a special Hero NFT. In addition, once Conquest launches, the R-Planet team plans to hold additional sales for resources and items. Purchases will be in AETH tokens, with 75% of the proceeds from the sales going into the RDAO rewards fund.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Conquest is a city-building, multiplayer, PvP game. Similar in style to League of Legends or Clash of Clans, but with robots!

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What about Aether?

At some point in the near future, the production of new Aether tokens will end. At that point, players who own the various Element and Rig NFTs for R-Planet will have a chance to cash them in for three times their mining power. And since the NFTs will have no planned use case at that point, you might as well burn them — unless you’re just feeling nostalgic.

At that point, AETH will enter a circular cycle, with tokens used to purchase packs and upgrades in Conquest, and proceeds from these purchases going back out to RDAO holders. The total supply of AETH is about 1,270 billion (or 1.27 trillion), with over 985 billion tokens already mined. (Note: Since AETH tokens are sometimes burned as part of harvesting the staking rewards, the final, total supply of AETH tokens will be smaller.)

This will likely also have an effect on some of the collections that generate AETH via R-Planet staking. I expect that a lot of those NFTs will hit the markets once R-Planet NFT staking ends.

But, in the meantime, AETH production is still ongoing. Stake R-Planet and NFTs from certain other collections to earn AETH while you can. And the inventing game is still live. The R-Planet team has been giving out hints on a regular basis on Twitter and Discord. There are still a number of undiscovered elements, each one providing a unique, special inventor’s NFT to the first one to discover the recipe.

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