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R-Planet Starter Pack Sale

R-Planet starter pack sale banner

As the closed alpha slowly winds down, R-Planet prepares for the open alpha of their Conquest game. And to help players get started, they are holding a sale for Starter Packs, which contain several types of NFTs to be used in-game.

As a prelude to the upcoming open alpha phase, R-Planet has created a number of Starter Packs for players to use in the Conquest game. The sale for these packs opens on November 17th, at 4pm UTC. Only 6000 Starter Packs are available, with each account allowed to purchase a maximum of 2 packs. The packs will cost 20 million Aether (AETH) each. And since AETH is no longer being generated, we may see an uptick in trading volume running up to this sale.

We don’t have an official link for the sale yet, but it will likely be on the R-Planet website.

These starter packs contain a set of NFTs designed to help players get a head start in the game. Each pack contains 20 Resource NFTs, five for each of the four mineral types. Each Resource NFT can be burned for 5k worth of the associated mineral. The packs also contain five NFTs that allow the instant completion of a building or upgrade. Don’t want to wait hours for a vital project to complete? Then use one of these NFTs and you are good to go!

And for that extra base protection, the packs hold three , 24-hour Protection Dome assets. Use these to make your bases completely protected for 24 hours. And finally, the packs also contain 2 Additional Foundation assets. Use these assets to increase the number of building slots in your base.

map view of player bases in Conquest
map view of player bases in Conquest

What is R-Planet: Conquest?

R-Planet: Conquest is a multiplayer, PvP oriented, sci-fi, base building game.

The basic gameplay loop is pretty standard. Players mine for resources, construct buildings, upgrade their Nexus, research new technologies, build units, and prepare their game strategy. Attacks on other players can be focused on raiding and taking their resources, or it can be focused on destruction.

Units come in seven types. Robots, slow combat units, Drones, fast combat units, Spies, Rams (for breaking the shield on enemy bases), Artillery for destroying their buildings, Hacker for capturing bases, and Settlers for taking control of bases.

Conquest includes four mineral resources, Waxon, Caponium, Enefterium, and Wecanite. Wecanite functions as robot fuel, while the other three are construction materials. Players can build a Terraformator and attach their Land NFTs to provide mining bonuses. Players can also import previously purchased packs of robots via the web interface. Burn these NFTs in-game to receive reinforcements. But be careful about dumping a horde of NFT robot packs onto your base as they will consume Wecanite! And without enough Wecanite, your robots become idle.

The mining of R-Planet minerals outside of the game, ended with the launch of the alpha. Going forward, players will only be able to harvest mineral resources via in-game mining.

Each base has slots for eighteen buildings and nine mines. Every new player receives a 96 hour window before they become vulnerable to attacks from other players. Finding the right balance between infrastructure improvements and military spending will be an important key to victory.

R-Planet Conquest is currently completing the first round of closed alpha, with an open alpha expected to open soon.

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