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Bonus Rewards and Dev Update for Gods Unchained

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Gods Unchained recently released their new daily, play and earn program. Now they are implementing a new referral program and creating the potential for increased daily rewards. They also tease us with hints of more new features on the horizon.

Invite and earn with the new referral system for Gods Unchained. The last referral system included 100,000 GODS tokens for distribution, but this time around GU has upped the ante to 1 million tokens! The system is simple. Invite friends with your referral code. If they reach rank 6 (Astral Meteorite), both of you receive 10 GODS tokens!

bonus rewards chart

This referral program ties indirectly into the daily play and earn rewards. For certain milestones met, the team will increase the number of tokens distributed. For example, the base distribution of GODS tokens for the daily play and earn rewards is 14K tokens. If the monthly playerbase hits 50k, the daily rewards pool increases to 21k tokens. The user count goal must be maintained for three days straight to trigger the reward bonus. This promotion period began on September 8th and runs through October 8th.

This is the other end of the push from Gods Unchained to decrease the number of bots and multi-accounts, and increase the number of active, real players. They’ve show players the stick with account bans. Now they offer a carrot to encourage and reward playerbase growth.

And so, players can now earn GODS tokens via daily quests and referral bonuses, card packs from the weekend ranked events, and potential income from fusing and selling core cards. Pretty sweet!

Other Upcoming Features

The latest dev blog post from Gods Unchained revealed a number of other new features in the works. The first couple are marketplace enhancements. To encourage more trading of high value cards, Gods Unchained is reducing the market fees for Diamond cards. On Friday, the 15th of September, the trading fees for Diamond cards drops to 0.5%. This is a relatively small portion of the trading markets, but it’s still a nice gesture and can make a huge difference when purchasing something worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Next up, and something that many old school GU players have been waiting for — the migration of cosmetic items and card chests to IMX. These items have long been in limbo, mostly inaccessible for any sort of trading. So it’s great to hear that this part of the Gods Unchained ecosystem will be joining the rest of the Gods Unchained NFTs on the IMX marketplace! Maybe we’ll even see some new Trinkets and Boards released soon?

The Gods Unchained team also plans to open up public, content creation bounties. These will reward players with GODS tokens for creating game guides and explanatory articles.

Other future plans include increased use of the Public Test Realm, new game modes, and bringing lore into the marketplace. I’m really not sure what that last part means, but it sounds interesting!

And finally, the Gods Unchained team teased us with an upcoming announcement about new game content. Referred to as an ‘epilogue to Season 1: Champions Rise’, this is apparently not a new set. What is it then? Excellent question! Supposedly we will learn more next week!

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