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Gods Unchained Updated Terms of Service To Ban Multi-Accounting

Gods Unchained Updated Terms of Service

Gods Unchained, the well-known play-to-earn card trading game has updated its terms of service and other policies to ban users from creating multiple accounts to earn rewards and improve the detection of bots to create a healthier game ecosystem. 

The Gods Unchained team will take strict action against players caught multi-accounting and will be banned for 1 week. A card-cooldown rule has also been implemented so that each card can earn rewards for a maximum of one account per day.

New Daily Play-and-Earn Feature

In preparation for the launch of the Daily play-to-earn feature, the Gods Unchained team has geared up to prevent cheating, exploitation of the game, usage of bot networks to increase rewards, use of multiple accounts, card sharing, and other unfriendly practices.

The Daily play-and-earn feature for Gods Unchained was recently launched on August 31, 2022. The new feature will reward players with $GOD tokens every day. Players can claim the tokens directly from the Daily play to earn dashboard of the game. The starting total daily $GODS rewards are 14,000, and the maximum total daily $GODS rewards are 30,000. 

The amount of $GODS that a player receives depends on the fragments earned from each match. Players must participate in Ranked matches every day to earn $GODS tokens daily.

Gods Unchained daily earn banner

Multi-Accounting, Botting, and Card Sharing Rules

Some players use multiple accounts to claim extra rewards through unfair means and to prevent this, Gods Unchained will be banning all accounts that will be caught in this unfair practice. The team has already banned over 200 accounts to ensure a fair game economy. 

Accounts of players involved in multi-accounting will be banned for 7 days and will not receive any rewards. For repeated offenses, accounts will be permanently banned, and strict action will be taken against associated accounts. The developers have integrated unique detection methods that will not be revealed to the community but have assured that they have been working hard to prevent such things.

The bot detection system has been implemented to permanently ban all bot accounts so that rewards can only be claimed by actual players who have worked hard on earning them. Before releasing rewards, this bot system will remove all bot accounts.

Besides the bot detection system and Multi-accounting, the Card Cooldown Rule will be implemented. According to this rule, each card can earn rewards for only one account per day unless traded. The cooldown will reset at 00:00 UTC on all days.

Gods Unchained Gameplay

What is Gods Unchained game?

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn NFT trading card game where players battle against each other using NFT fantasy cards. Players can buy and sell cards through the game’s marketplace. These cards can be used in battles to defeat opponents and earn crypto rewards. In addition, players can earn the native token of the game, $GODS, which acts as the payment method inside the game. 

Rare cards are unique and can be sold for $GODS. Unlike other NFT games, Gods Unchained takes players fiat money and converts it. Fiat money or fiat currency is “money a government has deemed or certified as legal tender that they support.” The $GODS token is an ERC-20 token used to create NFTs and gain rewards. The token is currently trading at $0.73 with a maximum supply of 500 million.

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