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Gods Unchained New Chapter Announcement and Roadmap Update

Gods Unchained Future Roadmap

Gods Unchained has released the roadmap details and latest updates for the game, including the announcement of a New Chapter, a creator program, daily play-to-earn contests, and much more. After publishing their player insights report based on suggestions by players, the Gods Unchained Team has decided to create a roadmap that will solve most of the problems that players have faced until now. They also aim to create a more transparent development process.

Announcement of a New Chapter

The developers of Gods Unchained will focus on improving the game’s foundations by deploying bug fixes, new tutorial missions, clash tournaments, a bot detection system, and load testing. These foundation-level upgrades will offer a better overall experience for new and experienced players. In addition, the company aims to establish partnerships that will increase the game’s reach. This step-by-step approach is a part of the new chapter. They plan to move to the next part of the roadmap only once the game’s foundations have been improved. Other foundation-level updates are automated weekend clash tournaments, increased utility for $GODS token, shine fusing, the council of mortals, and player experience strike teams.

Gods Unchained to Introduce New Chapter

Player Onboarding Strategy

Once the foundation blocks of the game will be covered, the developers will focus on onboarding improvements. Gods Unchained aims to onboard a large number of players; as more the number of active players, the greater will be the economy of $GODS token. To achieve this target, a content creator program will be introduced, allowing creators to connect with the game audience. In addition, daily P2E challenges will be hosted, partnerships will be discussed, and a limited content drop and chests and cosmetics migration will take place. However, all these plans are on hold till the foundation of the gameplay has been improved.

Gods Unchained Expanding Possibilities

The Marketing Phase

After the developers achieve the target of onboarding a huge number of players and the game system has been redefined, they will focus on a complete marketing rebuilding. The game will replace the temporary staking program with a permanent one, new languages will be introduced, new game modes will be released, and finally, a new season with a fully redesigned game in all aspects. Other updates include an automated staking program and bot migrations.

When the Gods Unchained marketing is in full swing with a large number of players onboarded, the much-awaited World Esports Tournament will be held. A mobile version of the game that is currently being worked upon will also be released. It will be the point in the roadmap when Gods Unchained is brought into mainstream blockchain gaming.

Gods Unchained Turbocharging GU

Other Updates

The Gods Unchained team is working on game rules and a balance charter to help maintain game balance. In addition, a Combat Log will be prepared that will allow experienced players to understand the interactions of cards, allowing new players to know more easily. It will be like a battle companion for new players. Complex cards are in the game, and this combat log will come in handy when players encounter the latter. Other updates include Chests, boards, trinket migration, and collection titles.

Gods Unchained Future Roadmap

What is Gods Unchained game?

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play strategy-based trading card game built on Immutable X and Ethereum, where you can trade cards as NFTs. Players can buy and sell cards through the game’s marketplace. Players can earn the native token of the game $GODS, which acts as the payment method inside the game. Unlike other NFT games, Gods Unchained takes the player’s fiat money and converts it. The play-to-earn strategy game allows players to trade cards, build decks, battle, and win against other players. Players can level up and earn rewards by winning matches. Rare cards are unique and can be sold for $GODS. The $GODS token is an ERC-20 token used to create NFTs and gain rewards.

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