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Animoca Brands Introduces the TOWER Web Store

TOWER Web Store Release Details

Animoca Brands has announced the release of the TOWER Crazy Defense Heroes Web Store. Here players can buy in-game items, TOWER NFTs, TOWER products and accumulate TOWER Hero points besides various other utilities. The phase 1 of the Web Store is currently available and players can visit the Store to buy in-game items using TOWER tokens.

TOWER is the official utility token for the Crazy Defense Heroes franchise. The holders of TOWER tokens can use them to purchase NFTs, get early-access features, and vote for governance decisions.

What is the TOWER CDH Web Store?

The TOWER Token Web Store a.k.a TOWER CDH Web Store is a platform developed by Crazy Defense Heroes that will allow players to use TOWER tokens and buy in-game items with exciting offers. On purchasing in-game items from the Web Store, players will receive TOWER Hero Points that can be accumulated to upgrade the TOWER League Level. This level will be displayed on the website in future updates. 

Players can buy daily gems from the web store once every 30 days. Some products in the Store will be available for a specific timeframe and once in a lifetime. For example, if you buy the starter pack inside the game, you can buy it again on the Web Store, but if you buy a pack on the Store, you would not be able to buy it again inside the game. In the future, the TOWER CDH Web Store will allow players to buy even physical merchandise, TOWER NFTs, and provide exclusive membership benefits.

TOWER Web Store Order Complete

How to use the TOWER Web Store to buy items?

On the TOWER CDH Web Store, you have to log in using your Crazy Defense Heroes User ID. After logging in, connect your wallet using the Select Network option. There are three networks available Etherium, BSC, and Polygon. Connecting the wallet will display the products under categories such as Gems, Daily Gems, and Starter Packs. In addition, the product name, description, discount, VIP points, and price are mentioned for each product.

Click on the price button to purchase an item and confirm your transaction. In addition, the “Get Tower” option can be used to exchange MATIC tokens for TOWER tokens.

MATIC to TOWER Conversion

What is TOWER Token?

TOWER token is the utility token of Crazy Defense Heroes built on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-20 token is used for all the transactions of the TOWER ecosystem. Holders of the TOWER token can use it to purchase NFT assets in Crazy Defense Heroes games, get special access to events and tournaments and also participate in governance decisions. The total supply of TOWER tokens is fixed at 10 billion. The token can be earned by playing games in the Crazy Defense franchise, from daily star chest rewards, and by participating in other events hosted from time to time.

What is Crazy Defense Heroes?

Crazy Defense Heroes is a free-to-play, play-to-earn, RPG-style tower defense game based on collectible cards, chests, and rewards. It has over 2 million downloads and 75,000 unique active wallets. In this fantasy-based game, players have to defend against hordes of Minotaurs and other such baddies. Players can earn or purchase NFTs to use in-game. These include Heroes, Spells, Equipment, and Units. There are over 400 towers, spells, and collectible cards with 1000 levels to conquer.

Players can also participate in weekly challenges, defeat bosses, and create clans that allow you to chat, play the game with your friends, and participate in Clan Quests.

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