MetaBeasts Free Mint on August 22nd

MetaBeasts banner

Free mints have become somewhat common in the land of NFTs. However, it is not so common for a blockchain game to have a free mint for NFTs from their game. But that is exactly what MetaBeasts has planned for later this month!

The initial sale for MetaBeasts was not so successful. In fact, the sales were so poor, that the team made some radical decisions. The first was to close the mint early. The second was to give away all of the rest of the Season One NFTs for free! Growing their community is of paramount importance to the team, and they felt a free mint was the best way to go!

But those who did purchase Beasts from the initial mint are not forgotten. They have already received one free airdrop. And, if they continue to hold, they will also have first access to the free mint as well as a second airdrop!

Give me those free mints!

Season 2 Beast teaser

Free mints for everyone! Well, not everyone. There are 3,000 Season One Beasts available for the free mint. One per wallet, though those with pre-sale access may be able to mint two. I’m not sure about that last part. Anyone holding a MetaBeast during the snapshot on August 17th (no specific time given), receives a pass for the pre-sale.

If you don’t hold any MetaBeasts and don’t want to buy any before the snapshot, then you will need to join their Discord and do a little work in order to be eligible for the free mint role.

Pre-sale for the free mint begins on August 22nd at 6am PST. Public sale begins 24 hours later on August 23rd, 6am PST.

Now, the catch is, that these free mints will only include common and uncommon beasts. However, those who hold MetaBeast NFTs on the snapshot date, will be airdropped an equal number of rare/epic MetaBeasts! So maybe picking up a Beast or two from the secondary market is not such a bad idea?

What is MetaBeasts?

MetaBeasts is an art/avatar project that seeks to build a multimedia empire around their NFTs. The first use case would be implementing these NFTs as an avatar or character throughout the games in the MetaBeasts universe. The team has plans to build a voxel-based game, a card game, arena PvP, and even an open-world RPG! 

a Tier II MetaBeast

MetaBeasts NFTs come in six rarities, from Common to Ancient. They also have an associated Element type such as Fire, Earth, or Steel. Some Beasts may even have a fusion of two Elements. Each Beast has four attributes — Health, Dexterity, Strength, and Recovery. To make it easy to incorporate these stats into a wide variety of games, the team chose to use a simple, 1-10 scale for all stats, with 10 being the best.

How the games use these stats may vary, but the numbers give users a basic idea of each Beast’s effectiveness. The NFTs feature visual stat bars on the card border so players can easily see the stats without having to look at the metadata.

MetaBeasts includes a deflationary model for their NFTs via upgrades. Similar to the upgrade system in Splinterlands, users merge multiple copies of the same Beast to create a new one of a higher tier. All Beasts start at Tier I and can level up to Tier III. Leveling up provides bonus stats and a fancier card border. And, of course, increased rarity! This feature guarantees that MetaBeasts will only get rarer over time, as NFTs are burned to make higher-tier Beasts.

To learn more visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and/or join their Discord.

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