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Animoca Brands Record Revenue During Pandemic

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Blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands has reported its highest revenue ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. They announced 4.33 million dollars in revenue for the first quarter of 2020, followed by 3.01 million in April alone. According to Animoca these results are possible thanks to NFT sales for games like The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time, and Crazy Defense Heroes.

Many gaming companies have profited from the fact that gamers have been forced to stay at home. Animoca Brands has been no difference. Without a doubt The Sandbox has had a big contribution to their financial success. By selling almost 26 thousand land parcels this year, the gaming company has had close to one million dollars in revenue for Animoca Brands. In addition the sales for F1 Delta Time also generated 364 thousand dollars back in March.

When it comes to selling NFTs the financial contribution of Crazy Defense Heroes is very little. The company only made a few thousand dollars with the sale of digital collectibles based on their non-blockchain mobile game. However, Crazy Defense Heroes has been a money-maker for Animoca for quite some time already.

A future with non-fungible tokens

Animoca Brands is becoming an established name in the world of blockchain games. They invest in blockchain projects, while also developing and publishing themselves. Their move into the blockchain space started in 2018. They for example acquired Pixowl to work on a blockchain version of their mobile gaming brand, The Sandbox. Now The Sandbox will become a virtual world that’s considered to be one of the premium games in the blockchain space.

With $7.34 million dollars in the first four months of this year, Animoca Brands is not a gaming giant yet. But the innovating firm is clearly moving upwards. In 2018 the company noted 14.88 million dollars in revenue over the entire year. During the second half of this year the company is planning to release The Sandbox and F1 Delta Time. In addition there’s still one huge pre-sale for The Sandbox, so register and buy that virtual land at a discount.

There’s an increased general interest from brands to get involved in the blockchain space. The concept of digital collectibles is something that clicks very well. That’s exactly how companies like for example Topps and Capcom are getting involved. Projects in the blockchain space already know about this craze. This week we’ve seen it in Decentraland with football shirts, while WAX launched another Garbage Pail Kids collection.

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