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Aether Uses in R-Planet Conquest Game

R-Planet AETH use case banner

R-Planet has been working on their upcoming Conquest game for over a year now. In the meantime, R-Planet players have been producing billions of Aether (AETH) tokens, which have very limited uses. But now, R-Planet has provided some details on their plans for using Aether in the Conquest portion of their game.

Once upon a time, R-Planet had an interesting little invention game that revolved around their Aether token. But a couple of missteps killed most players’ interest in participating. The first was the introduction of dozens of new Elements, many of which seemed thrown in just because they had extra slots to fill.

stick a fork in it?

The addition of these elements completely destroyed the value of R-Planet’s ‘Rig’ NFTs as well as the value for the Aether token itself. R-Planet tried to prop up the token value a bit by allowing owners to burn AETH and receive RDAO in return. And this worked… somewhat. But that promotion has come to end, and aside from Inventing, Aether tokens have zero use cases. And, there are currently still more than 985 billion Aether tokens in circulation. That’s a lot of tokens!

When Aether production comes to an end (at 1.2 trillion tokens), owners of R-Planet Rig and Element NFTs will be able to burn them and receive three months production (based on the burned NFT) worth of AETH tokens in return.

But the biggest mistake, IMO, was when they accidentally revealed the Aether value of the Elements, giving inventors some extra information to help them discover the Elements quicker. Rather than just accepting the mistake and moving forward, R-Planet decided to change the material requirements for the compromised elements. This resulted in many, very poorly, constructed ‘recipes’, which made Inventing more of a random guessing game. For example, inventing the ‘NFT’ element required combining Blockchain, Money, Painting, and … Bubbles! Because, as everyone knows, bubbles are an important ingredient in NFTs (::eyeroll::)!

In fact, the public became so disenchanted with inventing that there were six months earlier this year with zero inventions discovered and only a handful of attempts. To try and alleviate some of this lackluster interest, the R-Planet team has been regularly releasing hints. And, it seems to be working, though I expect a lot of that comes from the fact that players are tired of sitting on their AETH tokens.

But for those who don’t want to get involved with Inventing, R-Planet promises additional use cases for Aether in Conquest.

When Aether production ends, owners of R-Planet Rig NFTs will be able to burn them and receive three months production worth of AETH tokens in return.

Using Aether in Conquest

Conquest screenshot

The R-Planet team has been working on their Conquest game for some times. This will be a sci-fi, city building game similar to League of Kingdoms. And for this game, the team has promised to implement use cases for Aether. But, until now, the R-Planet team has been light on the details around this AETH usage.

Here are some of the ways AETH holders will be able to use their tokens with the Conquest game:

  • Buying NFT packs,
  • buying land plots for their third region, Pigsburg,
  • buying lottery tickets for closed alpha access, and
  • purchasing in-game perks and bonuses.

Sounds great! Unfortunately, we still don’t have any sort of dates, estimated or otherwise, for when we will actually see the Conquest game. For those who have been around since the early days of R-Planet, the wait has already dragged on for some time. We can only hope that they deliver some sort of alpha or beta release before the end of the year. Otherwise, I think that R-Planet may be too late to pull itself out of the hole it has created.

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