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Crazy Defense Heroes Adds New Daily Star Chest Rewards

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Crazy Defense Heroes ups the ante on its Daily Star Chest rewards with new, bonus NFTs. By adding these new rewards, Crazy Defense Heroes increases the play to earn potential for their game. This mobile, tower defense game with NFT items and play to earn economy has been around for quite a while and seems to have no intentions of leaving anytime soon!

Crazy Defense Heroes lets players level up and earn TOWER tokens in a play to earn economy. At the end of 2021, they also added in the concept of Daily Star Chest rewards. Initially just more TOWER tokens, those rewards have continued to grow, adding Map NFTs, and now two new prizes — a Perfect Attendance Badge (for the overachievers!) and special mint passes for an upcoming PFP project!

Daily Star Chest Rewards

CDH July Star rewards table
July Rewards for Daily Star Chest

Players earn stars in game from winning battles. Gather 16 stars and you can open a Star Chest (one every 16 hours at most). Open a Star Chest every day, and perform a Calendar check-in on the website, and you get credit for that day. Calendar check-in requires a linked wallet and a Crazy Defense Heroes account

The more days you complete this task, the more rewards you receive (see the chart in the image for details). With extra special rewards for those who can reach 28 days or more! At 28 days of chest openings and calendar check-ins, players receive a legendary Map NFT. Also, as one of the new prizes, at day 28 and for each day past, the player earns a mint pass for an upcoming, related PFP project called “The Crazos”.

The Crazos will be a PFP / avatar / founder’s NFT type thing for Animoca Brands. Offering special items and early access, the Crazos might be a high demand item. Each mint pass allows 1 minting.

You can also claim a Perfect Attendance NFT badge by completing all of the calendar check-ins during the month of July. But if you’re too late for that, the other bonus prizes are still available, as well as plenty of TOWER tokens.

What is Crazy Defense Heroes?

Crazy Defense Heroes is a free to play, play to earn, RPG-style tower defense game based on collectible cards, chests, and rewards. It has over 2 million downloads and 75,000 unique active wallets. In this fantasy based game, players have to defend against hordes of Minotaurs and other such baddies. Players can earn or purchase NFTs to use in-game. These include Heroes, Spells, Equipment, and Units. There are over 400 Towers, spells, and collectible cards with 1000 levels to conquer.

Players can also take part in weekly challenges, defeat bosses, and create clans that allow you to chat and play the game with your friends and participate in Clan Quests.

Crazy Defense Heroes is built on the Polygon blockchain and features its own token, called TOWER. Read out Crazy Defense Heroes review and game guide to learn more about it.

CDH Tower Map NFTs
Tower Map NFTs
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