Mirandus Vox Avatars Also Working in Town Star

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The Mirandus Vox NFT avatars will have a use-case in the upcoming MMO Mirandus, but also in the Town Star farming game. Gala Games revealed the utility of the voxel characters in a new blog post. The Mirandus Vox NFT avatars will go for sale on December 6th.

On December 6th a total of 8,888 unique Mirandus Vox characters will hit the market. These Vox characters represent the Exemplar heroes from Mirandus. Users who own both the Vox and the Exemplar from the same type, will unlock a boost inside Mirandus.

Every type of Exemplar will have its own companion Vox character. When the player has both NFTs, the Exemplar hero character receives a significant boost. Keep in mind, you will really need the same Vox and Exemplar. For example, a Mirandus Vox Bone Orc will only pair with a Bone Orc Exemplar; a Vox Darksun Elf will only pair with a Darksun Elf Exemplar. 

In addition the Mirandus Vox NFT avatars will have utility in Town Star Play-to-Earn Season 2. Placing them inside their farm will make players eligible for extra daily TOWN token rewards. However, the earnings will be lower than the earnings from the Town Star Vox characters. Further down the road Gala Games will introduce VoxVerse, and VoxCoin. Gala keeps referring to their Vox characters as ‘avatars that DeFi’.

Tell me more about the Vox NFT sale

On December 6th Gala Games will sell a new collection of Vox avatars, this time based on the upcoming online role playing game Mirandus. These NFTs will be available in the Gala Games Store, which means that the sale will happen without needing to worry about gas wars. However, there will be two gas fees: one for the purchase of the Vox Box and one to mint and reveal the Vox at a later date.

The Mirandus Vox collection will consist of only 8888 NFT avatars. Some will go the node holders and gold members, a couple will go to users who had issues during the previous Vox sale. The remaining ones will sell through a primary sale in the Gala Games Store. This also means that buyers will need GALA to pay for the NFT and some ETH to cover the gas fees.

Mirandus playtest coming soon

Gala Games has announced earlier this month that the upcoming MMORPG Mirandus will have a playtest in December during which players can earn Materium, an in-game token. Generally speaking, you could say the Materium will become the main utility token for the Mirandus universe. 

Gala Games describes Materium as a magical essence, even though it’s of course simply a token on the blockchain. However, inside the game world this essence allows players to enchant their weapon, or enforce their armor. Gamers can also use it to make elixirs and potions, or magically teleport items from one location to the other.

All players will need to earn the newly announced token is an Exemplar, a legendary NFT game character. You can buy the Exemplar NFT characters right now on the Gala Games website. The cheapest is like 3300 GALA, or roughly $1100. Those most expensive ones are more than $35.000. Each of those Exemplar heroes have certain traits that make them a specialist in for example hunting, crafting or fighting.

What is Mirandus?

Mirandus is an upcoming fantasy MMO currently in development by Gala Games. When Mirandus releases, it will give players a first-person perspective as they venture into the world. Everything in the game world is owned by players, communities or organizations, ranging from the in-game banks to the shops, farms and blacksmiths. There will be a thriving in-game economy, and everybody has their part of play. Mirandus is an open-world online role playing game in which player actions influence the game world.

Adventurers will need food, armor repairs and some potions before they go on their next adventure. The blacksmith will need wood from the woodcutter to make a hilt, while the butcher needs meat from the farmer. There are many production lines and players can enjoy being a farmer, an adventurer, a trader or perhaps a bard.

Having a keep or some other base close to a dungeon entrance, will provide all kinds of opportunities for trade. Players can buy land tiles with certain functionalities and drop these anywhere in the game world. Other players could open a shop in that village, and pay rent to the mayor. All ownership over digital assets inside Mirandus is stored on the blockchain. Currently Mirandus supports Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Flare Network.

When Mirandus launches there will be five citadels, the biggest cities in the game world. These give the owner the right to create and lead their own faction, charge taxes on trade and so on. Owning a piece of land provides a safe haven for other players, and potentially a way to make money. However, also without land you can earn, as shops will need wood, meat, and other items.

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