Five Banks in Mirandus Sold for $229.000

polyient vault bank mirandus screenshot

With the fifth bank just auctioned for $50.599, Gala Games has made almost 229 thousand dollars through the auction of five banks for their upcoming MMO game Mirandus. Players in the game can use these banks to store their valuable items, while the banks themselves tap into the economical game layer developed by Polyient Games.

Gala Games and Polyient Games auctioned the five banks for Mirandus in the past couple of weeks using different crypto currencies. One Polyient Vault sold for 2850 PGU, which roughly translates to $59.850. Another one sold for almost 29 million GALA, which was more than 36 thousand dollars during the auction. The other three banks sold for a combined amount of 81.49 ETH, which at the current rate would be more than 132 thousand dollars.

Each of the Polyient Vault banks are owned by different people, groups or companies. However, one crypto wallet has two banks. A crypto trader who goes by the name of ForgedinCrypto acquired two of the banks, and already is a dedicated Town Star player. This farming simulator is another game made by Gala Games.

The remaining five banks for Mirandus will be set aside. Gala Games and Polyient Games are working with their community to see if they can setup a community-owned bank. These remaining five banks could then be run by a decentralized autonomous organization.

Gala Games expects to have an early version of Mirandus available by the end of the year. However, to see the massively multiplayer online game in its full glory we have to wait at least until 2022.

Gala Games Pumping

The sale of these five banks is just a piece of the pie that Gala Games currently is serving. Last week the company supposedly sold their second Citadel NFT for 1.6 million dollars, even though this still needs to be confirmed. In addition the GALA token pumped up in value, seeing more than 500% growth in the past two weeks.

In addition Gala Games announced an integration with Flare, which will offer a layer-2 solution that works across multiple chains. “We believe that the best blockchain is one which is invisible to the end user,” said CMO Jason Brink. “We want to allow users to choose between a variety of second-layer scaling solutions in a way that makes Gala Games platform-agnostic. For us, it is about the players and we believe the future is multi-chain.”

What is Mirandus?

Mirandus is an MMORPG with a player-driven economy. All shops and services in the game will be player-owned: from blacksmiths to banks and from farms to armor shops. In addition every town, village, outpost or even citadel has an owner. These owners can influence their own economy, and the bigger your property the further your power reaches.

However, Gala Games promises that Mirandus offers more than economics. Players without any land deeds in their wallet, can still play the game. They can do quests, defeat dungeon bosses, or protect their citadel. This game world should be living, and therefore a provoked dungeon boss might seek vengeance at a nearby village. In addition their could be a political struggle between different kingdoms, resulting in a war. Mirandus is supposed to be very dynamic: giving everybody the ability to impact and contribute to the game’s economy.

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