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Gala Games Working on Avatar NFT Project Vox

Vox NFT character avatar Gala Labs

Gala Labs, a division of Gala Games, is working on an avatar NFT project they named Vox. They promise to add playability to the avatars, perhaps using them as characters in their own games portfolio. Those who are interested, can register to learn more about the product launch. For now, they didn’t announce a release date.

The avatars are made using voxels, hence the name Vox. The subtitle for the NFT project suggests some DeFi utilities. Descriptions on the official website suggests that each avatar has its own traits, personality and job. Whether the job connects to certain games in the Gala Games ecosystem, for example a Wizard for Mirandus and the farmer for Town Star, remains unknown.

Each Vox NFT character, an ERC-721 token, rewards for games in the Gala Games ecosystem. Even though details on this topic are still missing. The amount of content or value a Vox NFT unlocks, depends on its rarity.

To some extend the Vox NFTs are similar to Meebits. The designers used voxels for both projects, and with both NFT characters the owners unlock access to source models for use in the wider metaverse. This way users can use their unique NFT as an avatar on social media, but also in VR Chat, Somnium Space or other compatible programs.

Gala Games expanding

Gala Games is expanding its footprint in the wider blockchain gaming ecosystem. While Town Star is the only game in their stable that’s live, they’ve got many more in development. Some of those are made in-house, others through third party developers. This way Gala Games is growing as a publisher, developer and a blockchain gaming ecosystem.

The Gala Games ecosystem is interesting. They rely on Ethereum now, and have made partnerships with Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Flare Network to create a multi-chain environment. Above all they are building their own node network that will serve them in the years to come. The Gala Games node network is ultimately meant to store data, compute and confirm transactions. Similar to for example Flow, it will use a range of different types of nodes, each with a different purpose.

At the center of the current ecosystem, is Gala Games’ own GALA token. Gamers can earn this token by competing in weekly competitions for the free-to-play farming game Town Star. Registering is free, playing is free, and every week players can earn GALA tokens. These tokens can’t be used inside game worlds, but players can use them to obtain NFTs.

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