World Eternal Online Aims for AAA MMORPG Experience

World Eternal Online WEO environment

The developers of World Eternal Online want to make a next-gen, free-to-play MMORPG with a player-driven blockchain economy. The game has already been in development for over year, it will come to PC and mobile, and features a player-driven economy.

World Eternal Online, simply abbreviated as WEO, will feature all those mechanics championed by genre behemoths like Everquest, Lineage and World of Warcraft. The vast game world will be home to thousands of players, who are busy looting monsters, gathering resources and crafting items. Players can team up in guilds to take down raid bosses, capture a PVP fortress and so on.

Judging by the first descriptions, the game really wants to tap into that old school grind. They are talking about players working together for weeks to summon and slay a demon, to open a gate to a new realm for the entire server. So yeah, there will be world events. In addition it looks like guilds can own territory or a fortress, and battle each other. There will be more details about gameplay in the future.

Play and earn in World Eternal Online

Without a doubt the play-to-earn economy will be interesting. Isn’t that what we’re all dreaming about? Playing WoW or Runescape, but with a player-owned economy? Mirandus, Ember Sword, Treeverse, at the moment there are several projects in development. World Eternal Online promises that in-game items can be sold for real money, but didn’t reveal details yet about NFTs, in-game currencies and so on.

However, what’s very clear is that WOE is pushing for an economy where players produce everything. They want players to be part of the many facets of a player-driven MMO crafting economy. That would mean that herb gathering can become a profession, because those alchemists will need their ingredients. In turn heroes need their potions, and blacksmiths can improve their armor.

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