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Treeverse Speeds Up Development with Funding by Animoca

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The upcoming MMORPG Treeverse has received funding from Animoca Brands, IDEO Ventures and others to speed up development of their NFT-powered online world. The developers will use the funding to grow their team. They boldly stated to ‘build one of the biggest blockchain games in the world’.

Treeverse comes from humble origins, as the project initiated from the NFTrees NFT collection. The sales from that project resulted in the foundations of Treeverse, an online world where players own virtual land. The development team has already sold Founders’ Private Plots, which recently has increased dramatically in value. In addition every land owners will receive a Timeless NFT avatar.

Every land owner has decorate their own home, and become part of the online world. Treeverse has the ambition to combine social and gaming elements, while getting inspiration from classic MMO games like Runescape. Users can showcase their own NFTs in their house, there will be mini-games, and so on. It’s still early days for Treeverse, but the game world already looks gorgeous.

Interesting about Treeverse is that development doesn’t come from a company, but instead from an NFT investor. Those who’ve involved in collecting NFTs, will probably have stumbled upon some tweets by Loopify. They’ve become a loud voice within the community. Thanks to the success of their own NFT collection NFTrees, development of Treeverse is now happening.

So, metaverse, what is this metaverse?

The metaverse is everywhere. It’s all around us. Even now, on this very website. You can see it when you swap your tokens. You can experience it when you visit the Play to Earn Game Festival or when you do some battles in Lunacia. And you can feel it when you work, when you’re shopping on an NFT marketplace, and when you login to a service using your wallet. The metaverse is the world that connects us all.

There are many projects in the blockchain space that I adore for all kinds of reasons. However, some of those projects try to own the term ‘metaverse‘. They say stuff like ‘the metaverse of our game’. That’s wrong. There’s no such thing as a metaverse of one thing. The metaverse is the air we all breath no matter where we go. The metaverse is inclusive, and it doesn’t discriminate or limit. In the metaverse there is no space for walls and borders, because the tools that make the metaverse are there to break those borders down. Those who build walls, ultimately will remove themselves from the metaverse, while the metaverse will just continue without them. The metaverse is open, interoperable and persistent. 

This means that Treeverse is part of the metaverse. There are many more online worlds part of the metaverse, including and not limited to Cryptovoxels, Ember Sword, Decentraland, Mirandus, but also Star Atlas and Axie Infinity. It’s not like a game world in the metaverse needs to feature land ownership, but it should allow users to move their identity or digital value from one world to the other.

Let’s get into that a bit deeper

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