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Treeverse Wants to Add Play-to-Earn Mechanics

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Treeverse wants to become an MMO with a focus on mobile devices, while adding play-to-earn mechanics. In addition they want to add social and competitive layers like guilds and raids. These plans are all part of their roadmap.

Not long ago we took a look at Treeverse, the upcoming social MMO with big plans. They recently released a roadmap of sorts, giving us an update on what they’ve been up to, and where they plan to go in the future.

The currently listed goals for the MMORPG side of the virtual world include a mobile-first focus and upgraded social aspects including guilds and raids. They also plan to have items as NFTs earned through gameplay. In addition, an unnamed play-to-earn token, also acquired in-game, will get a function in the Treeverse game world.

Private alpha began on August 12th and is only open to holders of Founder’s plots. Public alpha is expected to launch within a few weeks.

The team has a lot of work to do, including building a collectible avatar drop, creating game documentation, and hiring to fill out their team. Speaking of which, if you are interested in a job, Treeverse is currently hiring for the following positions: Lead Unity Developer, Unity Developers, 2D Concept Artist, 3D Modeller, and 3D Animator. To apply, send your application to [email protected]

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Treeverse alpha

Where can I buy NFTrees and Founders Plots?

Though both NFTrees and Founders Plots sold out, you can purchase either on OpenSea, though don’t expect to pay the original sale price. The hype for Treeverse has continued to build and all current NFTs for the game are going for premium prices. NFTrees are considered the rare collectibles of this collection, and owners can expect bonuses such as airdrops in the future. There will be a public land sale later, at an unspecified date.

Currently there are 10,420 NFTs in the Treeverse collection, all of them Founder’s Plots. The cheapest ones are listed on OpenSea for 0.6 ETH, including some sales from paper-handed investors. There are currently 3.714 land owners in Treeverse, while the top 10 holders collectively own 11.58% or 1,207 land parcels. This means that there are a lot of users with smaller amounts of land, and that’s good for the ecosystem.

For example, in The Sandbox there are currently 98,181 land parcels on the market. The top 10 land owners have 17,904 parcels, which means they own 18% of the supply. There whales have a much bigger impact.

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