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An Introduction to the Virtual World of Treeverse

treeverse virtual world NFTrees

Treeverse is a browser-based virtual social world that plans on morphing into a play-to-earn MMORPG. Founded in 2021 by Loopify, a well-known NFT collector and creator, Treeverse began with a generative art project called NFTrees. Sold on February 1st in four lots of 105 and costing 0.2 ETH, these NFTs were the spring board for what is now know as Treeverse.

Built in a retro, pixelated style, Treeverse became fully funded after their Founders sale. Buyers purchased over 10,000 Founders land plots in an hour. Founders Plots give owners access to a private home which they can decorate and customize to their liking. At some later point in development, players can combine more than one Founders Plot to create a larger space.

Though focused on building a solid social system, the Treeverse team also has plans for pets, NPCs, a in-game marketplace, seasonal events, and more! Built on Ethereum, Treeverse will likely use a side-chain option in the future, especially if there are frequent blockchain transactions.

Currently in private alpha, Treeverse already boasts a strong social scene, with users making in-game connections that carry over to out-of-game collaborations. In many ways, this game is a challenge to other avatar worlds such as Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. Treeverse’s 2d graphics and focus on building out for mobile gives them an advantage in accessibility. And once users can customize their private homes and add NFT images from external sources, I’m sure that we’ll see all of the DJs, art events and parties that other virtual worlds are already hosting. The game is expected to open to the public later this year.


Where can I buy NFTrees and Founders Plots?

Though both NFTrees and Founders Plots sold out, you can purchase either on OpenSea, though don’t expect to pay the original sale price. The hype for Treeverse has continued to build and all current NFTs for the game are going for premium prices. NFTrees are considered the rare collectibles of this collection, and owners can expect bonuses such as airdrops in the future. There will be a public land sale later, at an unspecified date.

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