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Though it began as a rather simple NFT project, Treeverse expanded their goals and decided to build a full-fledged MMO! Since that decision, the original team of two has expanded to 45 full-time personnel, created a world, built a playable demo, and gathered a sizeable following. Just recently they released a new trailer to show off their progress on the in-game combat.

The MMO genre is still a wide-open field in the blockchain space. And though there are several that have already released alphas and betas, the competition in the space is heating up quickly. One contender, Treeverse, just released a combat preview trailer.

The game features a top-down, isometric view. Combat seems to be quick-paced, with lots of action, and positioning playing an important role. Players can venture out solo, or form parties of up to four players.

Treeverse features a class-less leveling system. Players receive points as they level up, and then choose how to spend those points in the Knowledge Tree system. No player will ever have enough points to master every skill, and there will likely be some skills that are gated by prerequisites from other skills.

With a focus on cooperative gameplay, a Zelda-style feel and look, and a game built for play on mobile devices, Treeverse looks to make a name for itself in the market. The team is hard at work building out the back-end parts of the game while developing artwork and interface, and working out game design concepts along the way.

Treeverse is preparing for a special, pre-alpha demo/test, which should land sometime before the end of the year.

Treeverse combat trailer

What is Treeverse

Treeverse is a fantasy MMO that began as an NFT project about trees. Specifically, a project called Nftrees. The sales from that project resulted in the foundations of Treeverse, an online world where players own virtual land, adventure on quests, defeat bosses, craft items, and build a home on a plot of land. With a funding round from Animoca brands, the Treeverse team has expanded greatly and plans to release a pre-alpha soon.

Treeverse has a bright, distinct visual style, and features a world rich with lore. Players begin their journeys at the city of Elderwall near the World Tree. The team plans to lean heavily into lore creation with interactive websites, stories, poems, lore-based quests, and more! The game will be PvE only at first, though they may add PvP options later.

The Treeverse portfolio features three NFT projects, all of which have a use in-game. The original Nftrees can be placed in the game to grow fruit. Plots are used for player housing, and Timeless are unique, cosmetic, avatars. All three collections have seen significant activity on the secondary markets, with the floor for Nftrees over 15 ETH! For those with less deep wallets, Timeless are going for under 0.5 ETH, while Founder’s Plots are over 1 ETH.

To learn more, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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how Treeverse plans to use their NFT projects in-game
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