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Breeders Staking Enters Testing Phase on Wax

breeders wax interface

Joining the ever growing list of staking options on the Wax blockchain, Breeders released a test version of their staking program. Players may now stake their Breeders NFTs on the site and earn test tokens. Once the team decides that their system is stable enough, it will go live and players can start earning real tokens for holding onto their NFTs.

Breeders’ NFT staking system is non-custodial, meaning that you retain ownership of your cards while they are staked. Though currently not yet available, Breeders also has a rather unique reward feature. Players can choose what coins or tokens they wish to be rewarded with (not available during testing).

The staking system is simple to use. It’s basically an on/off switch for each eligible NFT. It would be nice to have a bulk stake and unstake option. Players earn rewards from the pool which is divided up based on each players’ percentage of the total staked power.

What is Breeders?

Breeders is an upcoming NFT-based game built on the WAX blockchain. In it, players explore planets, discover new races, and engage in battles with other Breeders. The whitepaper promises free to play and play to earn opportunities, PvP battles as well as single-player missions, and their own staking system. Details on all of these features are generally lacking, but together they make an enticing package.

Players purchase planets, build star bases, and use Essentia Cores to upgrade their creatures. As with most blockchain games, Breeders will have its own token called Essentia. Essentia is their governance and utility token. It will be used for upgrading ships, weapons, and planets.

There will be no sale of Essentia. All coins will be generated through staking. In addition to the in-game uses, players also use the token to purchase Mystery Boxes. Inside of the boxes player find in-game items such as crew and implants.

Breeders is just the first in what NEWAY hopes will be a stable of games in a shared universe.

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