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Stake Chickens, Earn BAWK

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Chicken Derby kickstarts their new economic model as they open up the ability for owners to stake Chickens and earn BAWK tokens. Players will need these tokens to stake into CRCs, or Chicken Racing Companies, to earn Jewels, which are the new in-game only currency used to enter races.

The new BAWK based economy kicks off for Chicken Derby, with the first opportunity to earn BAWK tokens coming from staking your Chicken NFT!

And though the community sale for BAWK token wasn’t much of a success (just a little over 8 ETH worth of tokens were sold), the Chicken Derby team undauntedly forges ahead, launching their new game economy this week.

The new economy for Chicken Derby centers around the BAWK token. BAWK is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon blockchain. Players will be able to purchase it on decentralized exchanges in the near future, and also claim any tokens they purchased during the community sale. But, for now, the only way to earn BAWK is to stake your Chicken NFTs. You can do this on the Chicken Staking page. And since the transaction is on Polygon, it will only cost a couple of cents to do so. Once staked, your Chickens immediately start earning BAWK tokens, which can be claimed at any time.

Staked Chickens can still be used in races.


Jewels are the new racing currency. All races cost Jewels to enter, and offer Jewels as reward. Jewels are actually an in-game only, stable token. Players can freely swap Jewels for USDC and vice-versa at anytime on the Chicken Derby site. Jewels will always be valued at 70 Jewels to 1 USDC. So, players can fund themselves for racing, and can also cash out if they accumulate any winnings.

To encourage racing, for a limited time (I think), all races also give out BAWK token rewards to ALL entrants!

Aside from purchasing Jewels directly, players can also stake their BAWK tokens into CRC, or Chicken Racing Companies. Each race is sponsored by one of the five CRCs, who receive a portion of the entry fees for the race. That income is then distributed and the end of each to season to everyone who has staked BAWK tokens into that CRC. But you have to be quick! You can only invest into a CRC at the beginning of a season (which lasts four weeks).

On top of all of this, the Chicken Derby website has seem some major upgrades. Not only presenting a clean, easy to use interface, but also offering detailed stats for all the avid racers! And don’t forget the AI generated commentary that is now part of each race!

This is a major update for Chicken Derby. I like what they have done with their economy, but we’ll have to see if they can attract new players to their unique, chicken-racing game.

What is Chicken Derby?

Chicken Derby is a chicken racing simulation built on the Polygon network. Each Chicken is a unique NFT that can be entered into races for paid prizes. Every Chicken has a special Talent that can trigger during races. This can be something as simple as a short flight, or as extreme as creating a black hole! Each Chicken also has hidden preferences for track distance and terrain type as well as a Consistency rating. Players must discover these hidden preferences on their own.

With seven different types of terrain , six different track lengths, and twelve Chickens per race, each with their own preferences, abilities, and racing styles, Chicken Derby features enough variation to ensure that the race outcomes won’t be predetermined. There are also a number of ‘Easter Egg’ type bonuses that the team adds to the official documentation once the community figures it out. For example, Chickens with Alien Eyes get a boost to their Teleport ability (if they have it). Chicken owners can dress up their Chickens with a growing number of cosmetic items.

Though the races are passive, players can watch the animated simulation of the race and see all of the lead changes and abilities used during the run.

Owners with two many chickens can also choose to fuse them, creating a hybrid with potentially unique traits! Additional future features planned include breeding, a social hub, and land ownership.

To learn more about Chicken Derby visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

the Machete ability in action
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