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Gala Games Launched Mirandus Stress Test

mirandus stress test village nature forest

Gala Games announced a Mirandus stress test which began in the weekend and will run for one week. One hundred players can join at a time. This stress test is open to players who own a Mirandus Exemplar character.

This version of Mirandus is mainly made for this stress test. It is not representative of the final game. There is little to do in the game aside from wander around, trying your hand at some basic gardening, and attempting to climb higher on the landscape than the other players. Nonetheless, it is still nice to get a look at this much anticipated game. The cubist graphics have a certain appeal, and the lighting effects are pretty amazing. Clouds passing over the sun cause shadows, and light from lanterns flickers as the wind blows them around! Very cool stuff!

Below some additional shots from the stress test version of Mirandus.

The stress test runs until August 21st and you must own a Mirandus Exemplar character in order to access the game. Exemplars are limited-edition, special characters. Several different kinds are available for purchase on the Gala Games website.

What is Mirandus?

Mirandus is an upcoming fantasy MMO currently in development by Gala Games. When Mirandus releases, it will give players a first-person perspective as they venture into the world. Everything in the game world is owned by players, communities or organizations, ranging from the in-game banks to the shops, farms and blacksmiths. There will be a thriving in-game economy, and everybody has their part of play. Mirandus is an open-world online role playing game in which player actions influence the game world.

Adventurers will need food, armor repairs and some potions before they go on their next adventure. The blacksmith will need wood from the woodcutter to make a hilt, while the butcher needs meat from the farmer. There are many production lines and players can enjoy being a farmer, an adventurer, a trader or perhaps a bard.

Having a keep or some other base close to a dungeon entrance, will provide all kinds of opportunities for trade. Players can buy land tiles with certain functionalities and drop these anywhere in the game world. Other players could open a shop in that village, and pay rent to the mayor. All ownership over digital assets inside Mirandus is stored on the blockchain. Currently Mirandus supports Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Flare Network.

When Mirandus launches there will be five citadels, the biggest cities in the game world. These give the owner the right to create and lead their own faction, charge taxes on trade and so on. Owning a piece of land provides a safe haven for other players, and potentially a way to make money. However, also without land you can earn, as shops will need wood, meat, and other items.

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