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Monsta Infinite Coming to Binance Later This Year

Monsta Infinite BSC artwork game

The monster card battle game Monsta Infinite is a play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain, inspired by Axie Infinity. The developers describe their project as a cheaper alternative for Axie Infinity, but the game isn’t finished yet. The developers want to launch a test version of the game later this year.

Give me a moment to explain the game a bit. In Monsta Infinite there are little Monstas, creatures that live in an area called Shani and in a time before the dinosaurs. However, there’s a catastrophic threat, Jilaka. Therefore they’ve summoned the Inception Monsta to save them. Those are the creatures that you can collect in the game, and through gameplay players can earn a resource called Stamen Tellus.

Aside from the cute creatures and earning tokens, the comparison with Axie Infinity ends there. Monsta Infinite combines a turn-based card battle system with match-3 puzzles. However, the developers have created a competitive game out of this.

Monsta Infinite Roadmap

A minigame is scheduled to release by the end of September, followed by the NFT marketplace in the middle of October. In November alpha testing of the actual game will start, followed by a beta one month later. Monsta Infinite will have its public launch somewhere in early 2022.

Further down the line, the team wants to introduce more gameplay features, add land NFTs, and of course introduce land gameplay. Take a look at their roadmap.

MONI makes the world go around

Monsta Infinite uses the MONI token, a governance token on Binance Smart Chain. MONI holders can claim rewards by staking their tokens, by playing the game or participate in key governance votes. The developers also allow players to earn MONI by playing various games in the Monsta Infinite Universe, which suggests that they have more plans up their sleeve.

Those who are interested in the private sale, can contact [email protected]. The presale for the MONI token will happen on September 8th, and presale price for the token has been set to $0,15. On September 15th they will do a second round of the presale.

The Monsta Infinite token will also launch through Binance Launchpad, according to the official website. There’s a total token supply of 270 million, while 29,7 million tokens will be on the market after the presale. From that point forward, extra MONI will hit the market through play-to-earn gameplay, staking rewards

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