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Will Almace Become a $1,9 Million Axie Character?

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Within a couple of days we will learn whether the Axie named Almace will have a $1,9 million valuation. Yield Guild Games chief Gabby Dizon and NFT legend slash game producer Sillytuna have teamed up in an effort to reacquire Almace, a so-called Agamogenesis Axie of which there are only three on the market.

Dizon posted on Twitter that they initiated a buy-back through NFT fragmentation platform Niftex. The duo wants to spend 595,5 ETH to regain full ownership over the Axie. However, someone else can counter the buyback by doing an even higher offer.

The two NFT connoisseurs acquired Almace in 2019 for 27,5 ETH, and then shared the Axie in June 2020 at a 40 ETH valuation. Ownership over the NFT is now split over 10,000 pieces, which means multiple people have ownership but nobody can use Almace in the game.

Dizon and Sillytuna want to regain full ownership, and their bid completely blows that original value out of the water. If their bid isn’t countered, shard owners can redeem their tokens for ETH. This would make Almace the most expensive Axie in the game, so far.

What is Axie Infinity again?

Let’s quickly talk a bit about Axie Infinity. The tactical battle game uses its own, native Ronin sidechain. In the game players need to use 3 Axie NFTs to battle opponents and earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP). Players need to use SLP to breed new Axies. In addition parent Axies can only breed children a limited amount of times. SLP has a demand, while the floor price for an Axie NFT is right now more than $200. In short, you need three $200 Axies to play and earn SLP tokens.

Earning SLP tokens has become a source of income for people in developing countries. Among those countries the Philippines is leading the pack. The organization and economics behind this, is also becoming more professional. Third party organizations like Yield Guild Games are building tools and communities to really turn people into gamers earning income by playing Axie Infinity.

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