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Silver Ticket Rewards added to Ethermon

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Ethermon has announced the addition of persistent rewards to their Decentraland gameplay as players can now find a silver ticket. Players can find these tickets by for example defeating slimes. Another option would be to ask their Mon to dig at an Ethermon Grass Meta location in Decentraland.

These Silver Tickets don’t represent direct value at the moment. When players complete a task, they can loot the silver tickets. They can then use these as raffle tickets in a lottery. However, in the future they will also contribute to certain gameplay mechanics.

Every two weeks, ticket holders will get a chance to win EMON tokens or Mon NFTs. Ten lucky ticket holders will earn 500 EMON each, and five others will receive an NFT worth anywhere from $300 to $1,500. In addition, Silver Tickets will continue to hold value, even if you don’t win the lotteries. They will be used as claimable, in-game materials once the loot system has been completed. These materials will be used for crafting NFTs and eventually earning EMON.

The EMON token is pretty new. It was recently launched through Polkastarter. Also the move into Decentraland is recent, as the developers announced this late April.

What’s next

In the next few weeks, the development team will focus on improving the in-world interface, especially in regards to helping players manage their inventories. They are building a completely new interface, focusing on ease of use and functionality. They will place the backpack at the core of the experience.

Ethermon reportedly has over 50,000 players and continues to develop a play-to-earn experience with options for both PvE and PvP players. A loot and crafting system is planned, with over 15 different types of elements which will be used for creating skins, buildings, upgrades, etc.

What is Ethermon?

Ethermon is a blockchain-based game on Polygon inspired by Pokémon. Players collect Ether Mons (or Mons, for short) to participate in a range of play-to-earn game modes. This started as a 2D RPG on the website, and has now become a full-fledged 3D MMORPG in Decentraland.

Players can also pit their Mons against each other in PvP auto-battle modes. There are leaderboards and players can earn EMON tokens as prizes. Combat is not the full extent of the game. Players can also task their Mons with digging up materials from certain plots.

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