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Hexarchia Warlords NFT Presale Now Live

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The turn-based strategy game Hexarchia has their Warlords NFT presale going on, and at the moment of writing there’s less than 50% of the supply left. For 0.095 ETH gamers can summon on historical warlord, while there are discounts if you buy multiple.

Different faction come with different warlords. Shogun Minamoto and Tomoe Gozen are part of Feudal Japan. While Empress Julia and Emperor Claudius represent to Roman faction. Furthermore, Queen Ahnotep I and Pharaoh Menes battle for the honor of Egypt. Which warlord you will receive, will be decided by faith.

We’ve written about Hexarchia before. In this hex-based strategy game you will need a Warlord NFT hero to unlock the play-to-earn mechanics. In the strategy game players use a warlord and an army, and you win when the opponent’s warlord has fallen.

Buying the Warlord NFT also gives you access to the closed alpha, which will be celebrated with the Hexarchia Olympics. The best players will earn Genesis NFTs with a value of $150 on secondary markets. The presale began on October 20th, 00:01 PST (UTC -7) and ends on October 24th, 11:59 PST.

What is Hexarchia

In Hexarchia, 2 to 6 players battle for supremacy in 1v1, team matches, and a 6 player free-for-all. This hex-based game features players fielding a team consisting of a Warlord plus a selection of troops. Each team enters the battlefield and attempts to destroy the opposing player’s Warlord.

Warlords are the key piece to Hexarchia. You can’t play-to-earn without one, even though there will be a free-to-play version. Nonetheless, Warlords are important for the play-to-earn gameplay mechanics of Hexarchia. Much like a king in chess, if your Warlord falls during a gameplay battle in Hexarchia, the game is over. However, unlike chess kings, Warlord wield considerable power.

Warlords are tradeable NFTs minted on Polygon. There are six different Warlords, each with their own properties and traits. Traits come in a variety of levels, allowing Warlords to differentiate based on their specific traits. There are six traits in total, Civilization, Intellect, Physical, Positive Aptitude, Negative Aptitude, and Skill. Traits provide bonuses and may also spawn mini-quests to allow your Warlords to earn more experience during a match.

That’s right, Warlords level up. There is no hard cap to levels, but the system is designed in such a way that training higher than level 100 will be extremely difficult. As they level up, Warlords acquire titles at level 50 (Blessed) and 100 (Demigod).

Note: The Warlord leveling system will not be active during the closed alpha.

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