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Hexarchia Announced Genesis NFTs and Ascension System

hexarchia nft genesis sale

The chess-inspired blockchain strategy game Hexarchia has unveiled their Genesis NFTs. Each NFT in the set is an in-game asset that will help players achieve victory on the battlefield. Hexarchia commanders can win the NFTs through exclusive giveaways and immediately trade them on OpenSea. There is no information about a direct sale of NFTs at this time.

Hexarchia has taken an important step in its roadmap with the announcement of the initial 1,000 Genesis NFTs. The first 100 of these NFTs will go to the 562 whitelisted commanders that participated in a now-closed Twitter giveaway. The remaining 900 NFTs goes to giveaway events, the most recent being a giveaway at the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris.

As with any NFT game worth its weight, the Genesis NFTs come in three rarity levels:

  • Classic
  • Epic
  • Legendary

There will be a total of 600 Classic NFTs, 300 Epic NFTS, and 100 Legendary NFTs.

Introducing the Ascension System

All NFTs will be able to level up according to a three-tiered hierarchy in what they call The Ascension System. Players will be able to fuse two NFTs of the same tier to become an NFT of a higher tier. The three tiers, don’t confuse them with rarity, are:

  • Origin Level, Level I
  • Master Level, Level II
  • Supreme Level, Level III

All NFTs begin at the lowest level. At the middle level, the color of each NFT can be freely customized, such as the texture of a sword blade. At the highest level, unique special effects come into play, such as thunderbolts and fireblasts. None of these levels will be in Hexarchia Alpha, but this system is important to discuss now to understand NFT rarity. Supreme Legendary NFTs will automatically become the most rare.

If you’d like to see what the new NFTs look like, check out the official Medium post.

Hexarchia will be holding a giveaway on Twitch Live on Tuesday, July 27th at 9 PM CET (Paris, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam Time). They will give away 60 classic NFTs, 30 Epic NFTs, and 10 Legendary NFTs. Unfortunately, this giveaway is only for those who participated in the contest before June 30th. 

What is Hexarchia?

Hexarchia is a chess-inspired blockchain game that pits players against each other on a digital game board. Warlords, which are NFTs, must be protected at all costs. The last player with a living Warlord wins the game.

Hexarchia is currently in development and there has not been a release date announced. It’s an interesting project that blends turn-based strategy games with blockchain technology in a way that we hope will create an addicting play-to-earn experience.

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