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Hexarchia Selling Pre-Sale Access for 1 MATIC

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The developers of the strategy game Hexarchia are now selling Premium Membership Access to their game for just 1 MATIC. This membership gives you access to the closed beta, allows you a spot in the pre-sale for Hexarchia’s Warlords, and comes with the Discord title Lord or Lady of Hexarchia.

The Premium Membership access pass for Hexarchia is really meant to attract early adopters and innovators. As soon as the alpha phase is over, the membership will no longer be available. The alpha will launch this October, so this is a good moment to spend 1 MATIC if you’re interested.

The developers also announced a partnership today with Yield Guild Games, but they didn’t share any details yet. Most likely YGG will acquire a bunch of NFTs, which will allow scholars to play Hexarchia by lending the NFTs. However, not much has been revealed yet about the play-to-earn mechanics of this chess-inspired strategy game.

What is Hexarchia?

Hexarchia describes itself as a war and strategy game, inspired by chess.  It offers simultaneous turn-based gameplay on a hexagonal game board. Players will fight to take other players’ warlords. The last player with their warlord wins.

The game begins with players arranging their soldiers and warlord on the game board. Each round has two phases: the strategic phase and the execution phase. In the strategic phase, all players will issue commands to their troops and warlords at the same time. You won’t know what other players are doing, so part of the game is figuring out what the enemy will do. In the execution phase, all moves are executed at the same time.

All NFTs in the game will be able to level up according to a three-tiered hierarchy in what they call The Ascension System. Players will be able to fuse two NFTs of the same tier to become an NFT of a higher tier. All NFTs begin at the lowest level. At the middle level, the color of each NFT can be freely customized, such as the texture of a sword blade. At the highest level, unique special effects come into play, such as thunderbolts and fire. 

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