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Boost R-Planet Lands to Own Plots in The Uplift World

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Owners of so-called Swineland R-planet land plots can now boost them and receive a linked plot in the The Uplift World. R-Planet users do need to spend 5 million AETHER tokens on this though. The collaboration between the two projects is possible, because they both exist on the Wax blockchain.

R-planet, a popular, staking and discovery game on the Wax blockchain, announced the release of the much anticipated ‘boost’ feature. This will allow owners of specific R-planet lands, only the ones which have a Swineland location tag, to spend 5 million AETHER tokens to permanently link their R-planet NFT with a plot on the Minecraft servers of The Uplift World.

Once linked, the owner will be able to visit their land in Uplift, explore and build on it as much as they would like. The land on a special Minecraft server will directly connect to the R-planet NFT, which will function as an access key. After boosting, the system will add the metadata for the Uplift World plot location to the R-Planet NFT. Therefore selling or trading that NFT will also transfer ownership of the linked Uplift land plot.

AETHER benefits Uplift World

The developers have plans with the revenue generated from boosting, as they will split the funds. They will put 50% in a fund for the reward system in Uplift World, while 25% will go to Uplift’s development fund. The remaining 25% however, will be burned.

Though the boost is currently limited to lands with the Swineland location, owners of Boarvallis will also get the Uplift option in the near future.

For now, only Uplift land owners can visit the The Uplift World, but soon it will be open to the public and owning plots will provide passive income from visitors.

What is R-Planet?

The story from R-Planet is about finding planets where we can live. Humanity will pick Mars, but this requires research and testing. That’s where the NFT elements come into place. Combining these will allow humanity to discover more elements, and maybe solve the puzzle. Players will be staking NFTs, mining AETHER, buying and trading these basic materials, using them to create something new, and then the cycle continuous.

Players can stake NFTs from R-planet and many other projects on WAX to earn Aether with which to craft Elements and Boost lands. Lands produce Minerals, which players can soon use to create armies of fighting robots!

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