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Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 Coming This Wednesday

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Trading card company Topps will launch the Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 collectible cards on the Wax blockchain this Wednesday. These re-imagined digital version of the original ones from October 1985 will be available in normal packs and mega packs. Standard packs are 5 dollars for five cards, while mega packs are 25 dollars for thirty cards.

We don’t know all the details on the Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 collection. But according to teasers from designers, cards from this series will feature a lot more animation details.

Even though Series 2 is the second series in the traditional sense, it will however be the third time Topps releases Garbage Pail Kids cards. In July the company released a mini-series based on the television series Tiger King. Just like the Series 1 collection this GPK Goes Exotic series sold out in a matter of minutes. Buying Garbage Pail Kids cards can only be done using a creditcard.

First series sold out quite fast

The first collection of Garbage Pail Kids cards sold out within 28 hours. In total Topps sold 110 thousand digital cards. A complete set of Series 1 has 254 cards. This would mean that there are 433 complete sets of cards available worldwide.

Each set has 82 common cards, 82 uncommon ones, 82 sketch cards and 8 super rares. For your info, each image comes in two variations as well, each with a different name. After the official sales event, collectors can trade their cards on the secondary market.

The cheapest cards are listed for 9 WAX, which currently equals 41 cents. According to data from SimpleMarket, most recent card sales have been around 20 WAX for a regular card. Special cards that feature some animated textures sell for at least 600 WAX.

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