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F1 Delta Time Grand Prix Mode Coming Thursday

F1 Delta Time Grand Prix Mode artwork

Animoca Brands is launching the long-anticipated Grand Prix Mode for their racing game F1 Delta Time. In this mode players have control over the acceleration, breaking and boosts of their car. The new mode will launch on Thursday December 17th, starting with the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco track, and followed by the Circuit of Spa-Franchochamps.

At the moment the Grand Prix Mode is still not complete. According to the press release it’s only the qualifying phase of the game. Here players need to set their best times, before being matched up with other players to become really competitive. This competitive racing phase will launch in early 2021.

F1 Delta Time isn’t only about racing. It’s equally important to find the best car setups for each track and weather condition. Just like the Time Trial mode the Grand Prix Mode features leaderboards. There are sixteen leaderboards in total across different tiers and weather types. The leaderboards will reset every week, but the historic best times will remain visible.

Record sale for F1 Delta Time

Earlier this month Animoca Brands set a record sale with the auction of the Apex track segment of the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A. It sold for more than 9 million REVV, which at that time equaled 223 thousand dollars.

Not every game item is that expensive though. Gamers who want to join the game will need to get some REVV and borrow assets from other players. Or acquire items from the public marketplace. An F1 Delta Time Rare Crate is available for 0.48 ETH, while a legendary key for the 2020 season will cost you 37 thousand REVV. That’s quite expensive, but a common key goes for 550 REVV, which equals approximately 15 dollars.

What is F1 Delta Time?

F1 Delta Time is one of the officially licensed sports games from Animoca Brands. In this blockchain game players can collect virtual cars, drivers and car parts. Each of these parts is an unique non-fungible token and can be collected, traded, used or sold individually. Some of the very rare vehicles have sold for 16 thousand dollars through an auction. Animoca Brands already made thousands of dollars through a variety of auctions.

The Grand Prix Mode presents the players with tracks from the official Formula 1 season playable from your browser. Players go head-to-head in qualifying sessions, before going into the final race. Similar to the Time Trial, car and driver compositions are key. The right track requires the right composition, as well as the most suitable tires for the current weather.

During qualifying, the player is in direct control of their car and driver. The player needs to control the speed of their car, decelerating as the car enters a corner, and then accelerating back out. Timing and control result in better maintained speed, and therefore better times.

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