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Early Version Dark Country Available Next Week

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An early version of the blockchain-powered trading card game Dark Country will be available to play for a very select number of gamers. This will happen on September 15th. Only gamers who made a purchase of one hundred dollars are eligible to join this early stage.

This exclusive availability will last for at least 14 days. That would mean that Dark Country will became available in an open test phase before the end of the month.

The trading card game combines elements from classic western movies with the occult. The Chief tried to call upon the ancestral guard, but instead woke an ancient evil. Now there are four groups, with cowboys, criminals, Indians, and undead demons. Players pick one of these groups for their hero powers and build decks with the cards in their inventory.

In terms of game modes Immortal Games promises quite some variety. There will be a classic collectible card game, an auto battler and a ‘living board collectible card game’.

Multiple blockchains to rule them all

Dark Country offers support for a variety of blockchain platforms. The Ukrainian game studio Immortal Games is building their trading card game on Wax, EOS, Tron and Ethereum. Each of these blockchains offer different perks. Wax is really making a name for its self by getting mainstream brands into the digital collectibles space, while Ethereum is the love baby of many blockchain gaming projects.

Gamers who have cards on the Ethereum blockchain, will very easily be able to play against card holders on the Tron blockchain. Dark Country reeds the data from the user accounts and moves that data into the game state.

Despite the technological marvel, it doesn’t look like Dark Country has had the promotion needed to become a success. Currently there’s 2458 dollars in the tournament pool. The developer put ten percent of all pre-sale revenue in this pool, suggesting that less than 25 thousand dollars has been sold so far.

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