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Battle Royale Game Hodl God Coming to Wax

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Game studio Onessus has announced that their battle royale role playing game Hodl God is utilizing the Wax blockchain. The developers use the blockchain to give players ownership over in-game tokens and gear. They underlined that the obtained items are purely cosmetic.

These cosmetics are referred to as Immortal Gear. The developers chose this name because of the way the blockchain works. When players have a certain cosmetic, they can keep it forever. This makes the gear immortal.

Aside from Hodl God the Wax blockchain has been attracting lots of hype in recent months. The platform has been launching variable digital collectibles, including Garbage Pail Kids and William Shatner memorabilia. Other games on the Wax blockchain are Splinterlands, Prospectors and Dark Country.

What is Hodl God?

In Hodl God players can either compete in a 50-player battle royale, in which the last man standing is the ultimate winner. The other option is to dive into the crypto bounty mode, allowing players to earn crypto tokens and very rare cosmetic gear that can be traded on an open marketplace.

Players who have VOID tokens in their wallet, are able to play the crypto bounty mode for free. Those who don’t, will need to pay a one dollar fee in order to compete for prizes. “We are leveraging the blockchain and creating a new type of F2P business model”, the studio said in their own announcement blog.

These VOID tokens can be bought or sold using Bancor, Paypal or Coinbase. This makes them very accessible for all kinds of players. VOID can be converted into game credits, or users can stake it for passive income. VOID whales can also lend their tokens to other players, which gives them 50 percent of the crypto earnings. However, in-game assets always go to the player.

Hodl God is currently in early alpha development.

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