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Boomland Migrating to Immutable zkEVM

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Migrations are in the air. And it seems that Immutable is attracting games of all kinds to their new Immutable zkEVM chain! Boomland, creators of Hunters On-chain, recently announced their plans to migrate to Immutable, though we don’t have any details on the process yet.

Immutable seems to be rapidly evolving into the behemoth of the web3 gaming chains. Not only had they already gained a number of web3 gaming partners with their gas-free, Immutable X marketplace, but now their expansion to running their own, fully functional sidechain is gaining steam as well! Both Boomland and Guild of Guardians announced plans to migrate over to Immutable zkEVM, incorporating the Immutable Passport along the way and becoming some of the first to join what will likely be a very rapidly growing, L1, Ethereum-compatible chain!

We don’t have any details yet about the Boomland migration. But with Guild of Guardians migrating in early March, I expect that Boomland won’t be too far behind.

To promote their Hunters On-chain game, Boomland regularly holds special raffles for Hunter Chests and other prizes. They are also currently running a series of community events in celebration of the Year of the Dragon. Check their Discord for information about how to join and potentially collect some rewards.

What is Hunters On-Chain

Hunters is a fantasy, top-down, casual, PVE action game with a couple of different game modes.

For PvE, each match features four players fighting monsters and leveling up. In Hunt mode, matches last for two minutes, with the top spot going to whoever has earned the most experience in that time, or whoever is the last survivor — whichever comes first. Each player starts the match at level 1 with full hit points. As they kill monsters and grab the stars that drop, players gain experience. Gain enough experience, and you level up, earning the right to choose between two, semi-random promotions. These promotions include standard power-ups such as increased damage, greater attack range, and more hit points, as well as special abilities like Damage Reflect and Demon Pact (sacrifice HP for more damage).

As the match goes on, the monsters spawned get tougher. So just trying to hide and survive the match isn’t really a viable tactic. Players need to actively get out on the battlefield and increase their levels. Monsters generally spawn in the corners of the map, though they will chase players all around. At the center lies a healing square that can be visited at any time.

Other modes include Boss Hunt, which requires players to try and defeat a Boss dragon after leveling up, and Bounty Hunter, which is a 10 character, FFA fight with no level-ups during the match.

Players earn BGEM tokens from playing matches. They can then use BGEM to purchase chests containing random artifacts and hunter shards. Players also need BOOM tokens to level up their Hunters.

Hunters is available to play through a webpage, or with the official app on Android and iOS devices.

To learn more about Boomland Games and Hunters on-Chain, visit the Boomland website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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