Action games are a general game genre, relying on skillful gameplay combined with action mechanics, and in the blockchain game category these aren’t very common. This game genre is mostly about battles, fighting or combat. It might involve guns and shooting as well. 

In the realm of blockchain games, developers haven’t fully embraced action games yet. Action gameplay mechanics often require fast reactions, and blockchain transaction speed simply can’t keep up. However, there are some games that combine this type of gameplay with player-owned items, think about skins. In addition some titles use cryptocurrencies as a gameplay reward, tapping into betting, gambling, and play-to-earn mechanics.

In general the game genre puts focus on challenges: requiring hand-eye coordination and quick reactions. This genre embraces a wide variety of sub-genres, including fighting games, beat ‘m ups, shooters and in some occasions platform adventure games as well.

Action Games on Blockchain:

  • Mines of Dalarnia Mainnet Launch Report and First Mining Event

    Mines of Dalarnia officially launched their Mainnet on the BNB chain, thanks to their partnership with Binance and Chromia, which helped them establish safe and reliable connections to the blockchain and avoid exploits.  Following an extensive testing period, and three successful land sales (with the top plot sold for over 1 million dollars), Mines of […]
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  • Introducing MetaSnake, the First Free-to-Earn Game in the METASENS Metaverse

    MetaSnake is the first game in METASENS’ vast ecosystem. It is a real-time strategy game, inspired by the classic game, Snake. The game is free to play and free to earn. After a successful beta test, gathering 30,000+ players around the world, METASENS released the game on the 30th of March 2022 on the App […]
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  • Cryptomeda Launches Meda Shooter Tournaments and NFT Weapons

    Cryptomeda recently announced the release of in-game NFTs for their mini-game “Meda Shooter”. Weapons acquired as NFTs will permanently enhance the stats of your character, making you stronger in the game. The team at Cryptomeda doesn’t stop surprising their fans and is constantly pushing out updates, community events, and tournaments to keep players busy waiting […]
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  • Mines of Dalarnia Mainnet Version to Launch on April 26th

    Mines of Dalarnia has officially announced that they will launch the mainnet-enabled version on April 26, 2022. The third Mines of Dalarnia Land Sale was the final land sale, featuring 2620 plots. The official announcement was made at the Miami NFT Event week by the COO of WorkingMan Interactive and Game director of Mines of Dalarnia, Keith […]
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  • Preview of Boss Fighters, the First Play-to-Earn VR Action Game Coming in 2022

    Boss Fighters is an action game with a strong emphasis on VR technology and a player-driven economy with its own NFTs and cryptocurrency. Pixward games, the company behind it, promised a web3 experience that seamlessly integrates with VR tech in a way we’ve never seen before. The team promised a project focused on exciting gameplay […]
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  • Introducing Cosmic Champs, the First 3D Game On the Algorand Blockchain

    Cosmic Champs is the first 3D game landing on the Algorand Blockchain, an innovative carbon-neutral chain with great potential for gaming projects. Let’s have a first look at the Cosmic Champs project, the gameplay, the tokenomics and the roadmap ahead. Most NFT Projects nowadays are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain or one of the many […]
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  • Mini Royale Nations Video Review

    We had Mini Royale Nations in our radar for quite a while now and we felt that the project was not getting the exposure it deserved. This free-to-play, browser based FPS powered by Solana is really fun to play and has a solid community behind it and many development are still to come. Have a […]
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  • The Wrejects’ First NFT Drop is Coming March 31st

    Wrejects is a new turn-based, PvP fighting card game, where opponents battle in private and public tournaments for glory in the arena. Winning battles gets you items as well as Painium tokens, and there’s also the ability to compete one-on-one, where you can practice, play for fun, and even wager Painium and/or items. The IDO […]
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  • Krafton Announces Partnership with Solana Labs

    In another bit of news from a major gaming company, Krafton, developers of the battle royale game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), announced a partnership with Solana Labs for the “development and operation of blockchain and NFT-based games and services”. Though this agreement is apparently a ‘memorandum of understanding’, meaning that the partnership can be cancelled […]
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  • Ascenders Releases Its First Free-To-Play Demo With a 1 Million $AGC Prize Pool

    Ascenders, the upcoming sci-fantasy open-world action RPG game powered by Avalanche blockchain made a big announcement on March 22, 2022 during the Avalanche Summit. Jackson Poon, CEO of Legendary Foundry Limited annonced the immediate release of their first free-to-play combat challenge with a 1 million $AGC tokens for grabs. Ascenders is an open-world story-driven game with a […]
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