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Join the Katana Inu Closed Beta

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The closed beta of Katana Inu is well under way, and this week they bring us a new build with numerous improvements including an updated user interface, smoother gameplay, and a number of bug fixes. And though the easiest way to gain access is by owning NFTs, that isn’t the only option!

Fantasy style, first and third person shooters have had trouble holding a large audience. The last one to try this in the web3 space was Hodlgod, who closed up shop some time ago. But perhaps the generally green markets will help Katana Inu secure a spot among the list of successful games!

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More about the Closed Beta

Players have a few different options for joining the closed beta. You can hold 30k KATA tokens (current value ~$30 USD), an NFT from the Takeru Genesis collection (floor price 0.17 ETH), or a weapon NFT which can be found in a purchasable Box ($15 USD).

And if you don’t feel like making a purchase, join their Discord and keep an eye on their social media for beta key giveaways.

For those who do want to invest in the game, Katana Inu currently has a mint open for Gen 1 Forge Champions NFTs. These will function as PFPs, though they can also be burned in a future release, creating an in-game, unique, 1 of 1 character. In addition, they provide access to the closed beta and future whitelist spots. Each Gen1 Champion costs 0.04 ETH to mint.

The game only offers 1v1 and 3v3 game modes at the moment. And it also doesn’t include any play and earn features yet. But future updates will bring leaderboards with regular rewards, a battle pass style system, and NFT minting. Current plans are for the play and earn systems to be gated behind NFT ownership and/or token holdings. You can learn more in their whitepaper.

What is Katana Inu?

Katana Inu is a free to play, PvP, action combat game. It currently offers both 1v1 and 3v3 game modes. Kata Inu sees players battling with bows, melee weapons, and spells as they parkour around the map.

Katana Inu is currently holding a mint for their ‘Champion Forging Collection Gen1’ NFTs. These cost 0.04 ETH, are limited to 5,555 mints total, and will provide owners the ability to forge new 3D, in-game items.

The Katana Inu team wants to build their game into an eSport with additional game modes, a staking system, cross-chain NFTs, leaderboards, regular tournaments, and an NFT rental system. Katana Inu is currently in closed beta. They plan to launch using the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem.

To learn more about Katana Inu, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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