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Guild of Guardians Migrating to Immutable zkEVM

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The launch of Guild of Guardians is imminent! But before launch, Guild of Guardians is migrating over to Immutable zkEVM, the Ethereum-compatible chain built by Immutable for web3 gaming! And if you want your NFTs migrated for free, you need to link your Immutable Passport before March 4th!

Guild of Guardians is gearing up for their official launch in Q2 of 2024. As part of that preparation, they are migrating all existing GoG NFTs over to the Immutable zkEVM chain.

Guild of Guardians plans to handle the NFT migration. But, if you want to be eligible for the fee-free migration, you will need to link your existing wallet and your Immutable Passport before March 4th, 10am AEDT. At that time all orders and trades for GoG NFTs will be frozen, and the migration process will begin. The Guild of Guardians team expects to have the migration completed by March 6th.

If you miss the cutoff point for linking your wallet, your NFTs will still be transferred over, but you will have to pay network gas fees to move them into your Passport wallet for use in-game. As an added bonus, royalty fees on GoG NFTs will be reduced to 0.5% after the migration!

In addition, there will be a portal for transferring GOG tokens from Immutable to Immutable zkEVM. Players who already hold at least 50 GOG tokens in their Immutable wallet, and who also hold at least 50 GOG tokens on Immutable zkEVM one month after the migration will receive a free bonus of an additional 50 GOG tokens.

And that’s not all! Guild of Guardians is also accepting pre-registration applications. Anyone who signs up to pre-register and connects their Immutable Passport will receive a reward of 10 Summoning Stones when the game launches!

Guild of Guardians also recently released a new whitepaper with more details about the planned game economy, GOG token utility, and the vision for Guild of Guardians going forward. You can read the latest Guild of Guardians whitepaper here. Additionally, there is a Town Hall recording from mid-February with a lot of good information.

What is Immutable zkEVM?

Immutable zkEVM is a new chain built by Immutable specifically for gaming. It uses zk-rollup technology so the chain is fully compatible with Ethereum applications. This allows developers to port over their code with minimal hassle. The main difference between this new chain and the existing Immutable X ecosystem is that the Immutable zkEVM chain also supports smart contracts, making it a fully functioning chain on its own.

You can read more about Immutable zkEVM here. Though an understanding of the underlying technology is not required to access or play games on the network.

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a cooperative, fantasy, action, dungeon crawler game, currently in development on the Ethereum blockchain. Players gather a team of four to enter dungeons, battle monsters, defeat dangerous bosses, and score some sweet loot! The game will be free to play and built for mobile devices first.

Guild of Guardians already has NFTs available on secondary markets and also launched their token, GOG. Players can trade NFTs on Immutable X and Token Trove. The token, Guild of Guardians Gems (GOG), can be found on all the ETH DEXs.

The game will feature a rewards pool for GOG token staking, filled by token usage in-game. Guild of Guardians will also include Pets, Guilds, and Raids, with future plans for land ownership, user created dungeons, and incorporation into eSports. In fact, GoG has already made several partnerships with eSports teams.

Guild of Guardians will be free to play, but those who own NFTs will have various advantages when playing. And for those players who conquer all of the challenges and tasks, the Guardians team plans to build out a robust selection of guild related features and competitions.

Guild of Guardians plans to launch in Q2 of 2024.

To learn more about Guild of Guardians, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Guild of Guardians concept artwork
Guild of Guardians concept artwork
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