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Still Time to Apply for Engines of Fury Alpha

Engines of Fury alpha banner

Another alpha and another play and earn opportunity! This alpha is for Engines of Fury, a top-down, extraction shooter that sees players battling mutated monsters and each other to gather loot, upgrade their base, and craft weapons and equipment before heading out to fight some more!

Another alpha and another chance for token and NFT rewards!

The original end date for the Engines of Fury alpha application was March 6th. But with over 50,000 applicants, Engines of Fury decided to extend the application process. In fact, it’s still open now! All it requires to apply is providing an email address and answering a few, short survey questions.

Engines of Fury alpha prizes

Those who are accepted into the alpha will not only have be some of the first to experience this new web3 game, but they will also have a chance to earn prizes. We don’t have the details yet on the prizes and requirements, but we do know they will include special NFT weapons, and over 5000 FURY tokens.

The official date of the alpha launch, as well as the reveal of the winning applicants, are both yet to be announced. Additionally, the team is holding a Zealy campaign, with token rewards for those who top the leaderboards.

You can fill out your alpha application here.

Engines of Fury alpha gameplay
Engines of Fury alpha gameplay

What is Engines of Fury?

Engines of Fury is a top-down, extraction shooter. Set in an apocalyptic, dystopian world where the planet has been bombarded with asteroids containing biological pathogens, players must battle AI foes as well as each other to gather loot and get out of the danger zones safely. Engines of Fury will include crafting, player advancement, character customization, guilds, and more.

Trying out different item combinations will be an integral part of the game. And, as players can lose equipped items when they die on a mission, crafting and trading will be an important part of gameplay as well.

Engines of Fury will have its own token, FURY, on the Binance Chain. FURY will function as a primary currency. Players can earn it from placing in tournaments and leaderboards, as well as through staking and farming. Players spend FURY tokens on in-game purchases, item minting, and purchases in the player marketplace.

Engines of Fury is currently in alpha testing, with a release planned for later in 2024. The game will be free to play, with options for those who just want to play and not be involved with any tokens or NFTs.

To learn more about Engines of Fury, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord. You can also read their whitepaper for more info about the game.

Engines of Fury alpha screenshot
battle Boss monsters during missions
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