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Join the Whitelist Campaign for Funtico Summoner Sale

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Funtico, a new web3-enabled gaming platform, has opened up a contest to secure spots on their whitelist. This whitelist not only allows players to purchase Summoners, a founder-level type NFT for the platform, but also grants them tickets to an upcoming tournament with over $100k in prizes!

Gaming platforms are hot in the web3 gaming world. And one of the newest to throw their hat into the ring is Funtico, who just announced a whitelist campaign for their upcoming sale of Summoner NFTs.

The campaign began on February 27th and runs through Zealy. The top 33% of the participants for the Zealy campaign will earn a whitelist spot. Zealy offers an in-app leaderboard, so you can always know where you stand.

And, as seems to be common in the web3 gaming scene (which is great), Funtico will also partner with other projects, letting those projects offer spots on the Summoner whitelist to their communities. So keep an eye open for those opportunities as well!

Funtico Summoners

These whitelist spots offer several benefits. Everyone on the Summoners whitelist will have the opportunity to purchase any or all of the Summoner NFTs. Summoner NFTs give owners entry tickets for an upcoming tournament. But perhaps even better, they entitle owners to receive a portion of the TICO fees collected by the platform — making Summoner NFTs a potential, ongoing source of passive income! The NFT multiplier determines how much of the TICO pool you receive.

earn from platform fees for holding Summoner NFTs

Additionally, owning one of each in the collection will give the owner the option to fuse them into another NFT with an even greater multiplier!

No word yet on how long this whitelist quest will remain available, or when the Summoner sale will open. So if you’re interested, you might want to get started now!

More about the Tournament

As for the tournament, Funtico plans to kick things off with a bang. For this inaugural tournament, they are offering up a pool of prizes worth over $100,000. This includes NFTs, such as a Pudgy penguin for first place– which is a super hot collection right now!

And this won’t be just a one-time deal. Funtico plans to run tournaments with equal or even greater amounts of prizes on a regular basis!

prizes for first Funtico tournament
prizes for first Funtico tournament

What is Funtico?

Funtico is an upcoming gaming platform with web3 integrations and a play to own philosophy. They plan to host a variety of games, from AAA action games, to open world shooters, to indie casual, and everything in-between!

Funtico will also create their own ecosystem token, TICO. TICO will be an ERC-20 utility token, used for all transactions on the platform.

Users who sign up for a Funtico account now will be eligible to receive special early bird Pioneer awards, playable items that can be used on the Funtico platform. We don’t have a launch date for the platform, but Funtico has been teasing some of their games in development on their social media channels.

To learn more about Funtico follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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