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Can You Survive the Last Remains Public Alpha?

Last Remains public alpha banner

Last Remains, a competitive stealth shooter game set in a zombie infested world, announces plans to kick off 2024 with a series of public alpha playtests. But that’s not all, as Last Remains also plans to introduce a mobile-based mini-game, and allow players to bring Last Remains items from the Epic Store onto the blockchain!

Things kick off in a big way for Last Remains this month, as they announce plans for a mobile-based mini-game, an item bridge, and recurring public alpha playtests — all starting in January!

The mobile mini-game, called Search and Rescue, will drop on January 16th. This game lets players combine their Last Remains characters with a minimum of three item skins, competing to find the best combinations. Rewards includes NFTs and tokens. Also on January 16th, Last Remains will open up their bridge. This bridge will allow players to transfer items between their Epic Games accounts and the Polygon blockchain.

But the real excitement comes with the planned, bi-weekly public alpha tests. These run for only 24 hours, with the first opening on January 20th (no time yet specified). No word about rewards for participating in the alpha test. But even if there aren’t, the game looks pretty fun to play!

Whereas most zombie games are single-player, or built towards teamwork, Last Remains is a competitive FPS! Not only are you battling with other players, but you want to do so as quietly as possible so as not to attract the ravenous zombie hordes! With PVP and PvE in a dark, fog-shrouded world, across a large, detailed map, Last Remains is ready to claim their spot in the world of web3 zombie shooters!

What is Last Remains?

Last Remains is a battle royale game set in a city infested with zombies. Players use stealth and cunning to navigate the 3D world without getting caught by the zombies or by other players!

Last Remains will include free to play characters, as well as character NFTs. Character NFTs are the way to open up the game’s battle pass and will cost $30 each. Interestingly, character NFTs are season based, and can only be played during one season. After that, they can be staked in a ‘Search and Rescue’ game for rewards.

However, there are also the Genesis Character NFTs. These are a limited supply collection of under 10k items, and act as lifetime battle passes for their owners as well as in-game skins. Additionally, items earned through the battle pass with Premium characters can be sold on the marketplace.

Players will be able to earn items through the battle pass system, and for being on top of the leaderboards. There will likely be tournaments and other events as well.

To learn more about Last Remains, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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